Yagoozon “Would You Like to Buy a Vowel?” Coffee Mug


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Hi, all!

I’m here to share one of my favorite things. I love coffee and I collect mugs like crazy. This mug, though! What can I say? It’s everything! You may not know this about me, because I write so eloquently *snorts*, but in real life…I swear like a sailor. Yes, folks, it’s true…I love all things sweary and vulgar. Coloring books, t-shirts, and, as I’m a coffee fiend, I also have quite an extensive collection of sweary mugs. To this one, I say, “Welcome home.”

This mug has a cartoon speech bubble on it, with the question “Would you like to buy a vowel?” There are also green game show-style tiles printed on it. The tiles spell out a phrase, but all the vowels are missing. Until you add a hot beverage. Once the cup heats up, the missing letters slowly fill in, so you have the phrase “Go fuck yourself.” Given my crankiness in the morning, I’d have to say this mug fits me to a tee. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. In addition to the funny saying, it’s not teeny. It’s a decent-sized mug, and holds 10 ounces, which, too, is right up my alley. This would also be a great gag gift, as well.

My rating: 10 of 10

Do you, too, suffer from potty-mouth?

If you’d like to check out this fun mug, you can find it here.

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