Accessoryam Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings

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Hi, all!

So, The Feast of Saint Valentine is upon us! While I may in no other way be a consummate girly-girl, Valentine’s Day is pretty special to me. It just so happens that it’s my anniversary, so while I lean more toward goth and vampy, during this time of year, I have a weakness for all things pink and frilly…including hearts!

These stud earrings by Accessoryam are adorable, and I will be sporting them during this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities. They feature a large red stone cut into a multifaceted heart shape. Each heart is surrounded by 15 round cubic zirconia. They’re pinpoints, so the earrings don’t get too large, and they create a nice frame for the red gem.

The earrings are 18 karat white gold-plated, and non-irritating. I have metal allergies, and have worn them twice with no itching or soreness. The studs, themselves, feature some nice, pretty openwork that keeps the stones from fogging up and keeps the earrings from being too heavy. They don’t “lean” out from the ears, so they’re definitely an ideal weight. If leaning or pulling is an issue, these studs come with two sets of backs, both bullet-style clutch type, but one of which has clear comfort disks attached.

They’re large enough to be noticeable, without being gaudy, and can be worn with dress or casual wear. The cut on the stones is great; they catch and reflect light beautifully. There are a lot of thoughtful details. The one issue of note is that the three prongs holding the red stones can catch in the hair. I prefer wearing them with short hair or an updo, but wore them once with my hair down. For V-Day, I’ll be wearing an updo, for sure. These earrings come in a cute red clamshell box, ready for gifting. If you’d like to check them out, you can find them here.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What are your favorite things to wear?

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