Apocalyptic Beauty Haul and #MOTD

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Hi, all!

I wanted to share my small Apocalyptic Beauty birthday haul and a look I did using some of my new pretties. I picked up a total of five eyeshadows and one highlighter, so I’ll show you what I got. Swatches were done with a dry brush on bare skin.

L-R: Existential Vampire, Vogon Poetry, Karaoke Demon, Send More Paramedics, Exploding Penguin, Center: Killer Joke


Existential Vampire is described as a warm, strawberry red shadow with ice-cold blue sparks. On my skin, it reads a sparkly pale peach. It’s the shade that’s least visible on me, but over a fixative, the sparkle makes up for it.


Vogon Poetry is a metallic slime green. On me, it has a yellow tinge.

Karaoke Demon is described as avocado green with red sparks and red duochrome shift. I had a hard time capturing the shift, as it didn’t come off too strongly, but it is evident in person.

Send More Paramedics is a sparkling blackened purple.

Exploding Penguin is black with red and white sparkle.

Killer Joke is a red highlighter, and is available loose or pressed. As always, I chose the loose formula.

I also received a sample with purchase of the shade Murderous Martha, a metallic reddish copper eyeshadow. This is a nice, strong copper that doesn’t pale out to orange or peach on me.

For this look, I used Existential Vampire, Murderous Martha, and Exploding Penguin. Of course, I did the same thing I always do, and forgot to scour the site for skin tone appropriate matte shades, so I had to use another brand for my base.

Apocalyptic Beauty products:

Existential Vampire – inner lid
Murderous Martha – lid, lower lash line
Gone Off – outer lid
Exploding Penguin – foiled with Superstar Serum as liner, lower lash line
Killer Joke – Inner corner, patted in center of lips, highlighter errrwhere 🙂

Other products used:

Devinah Cosmetics Bambi

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in Nutmeg

Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara

Black Radiance Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme in Naughty Brown

Milani Make It Last Setting Spray Prime + Correct + Set

I’m really happy with the colors I chose, and will be wearing them all. I wish Existential Vampire looked more like the red I expected, however, I liked trying out a color I would have ordinarily been leery of purchasing for fear it would be too light. Its high sparkle takes it a step beyond ordinary. The standouts for me are Karaoke Demon, for its high color saturation, and both Send More Paramedics and Exploding Penguins for combining intense pigmentation with insane sparkle. Killer Joke is my jam at the moment, and while I have at least three similar shades, none have as intense a red flash as this, and I’ve been wearing it with and over everything. I’m happy with this part of my birthday haul, and once again with AB. If you’d like to see what other offerings Apocalyptic Beauty has available, you can check them out here.

Are any of these colors you’d wear? How would you use them?

Thanks for reading!







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