Apocalyptic Beauty: Indie Cosmetics Haul and Review

Purchased by me/Blogger discount

Hi, all!

I’m back to share my small haul and review of another new-to-me indie brand, Apocalyptic Beauty. You’ve been witness to my newfound pigment obsession, and I saw all these pretty colors on their Instagram page and was intrigued…then I saw the super-cute goth labeling and knew they must be mine. I checked out their newly released Dead Sexy duochrome collection, which is inspired by stages of decomposition, which totally appeals to my love of the macabre. Included was a lip balm in the scent Marshmallow. I also got a bottle of Cosmetic Alchemy, a mixing medium, and a blogger pack. On to the deets!

I’ll start with the Dead Sexy collection. Look at that artwork! The fun and colorful packaging is what initially grabbed my attention. It includes four colors:

Beyond Expiration – a metallic grayish green

Going Cold – a grayish blue with a purple shift

Gone Off – copper with a gold to green shift

Thoroughly Spoiled – grayish purple with a green shift

I usually avoid pastels or lighter tones, simply because they’re so similar on my dark skin, but I like these because of the shift. I found that Gone Off, the color I expected to like most, had the least prominent shift. My favorite is actually Beyond Expiration; I find its muted green very complementary, and I like that the duochrome effect gives it a metallic feel. Because of their sameness on my skin tone, I prefer wearing them either alone or with the addition of darker colors to make them pop. You can see how similar they are on me in the first look. The quality and of these pigments is really good; no chalkiness, and none of them require a bunch of product to show up on the skin. I’d like to try Thoroughly Spoiled and Beyond Expiration over a black base.

The lip balm included came in Marshmallow. It’s got a light marshmallow scent, but no flavor, which is my preference, because I’d lick my lips if it tasted as good as it smells. This lip balm feels really nourishing, and is now in my purse, which tells you how much I like it. Even after I’ve eaten and worn it off, my lips are still soft. The balm itself will soften in hot temperatures, but not enough to make using it messy or unpleasant.

The bottle of Cosmetic Alchemy is kind of my jam. It only takes a single drop to mix up an eyeliner, so this bottle should last me a while. I love how thin and easy to use it is, and I used it to create a liner in both looks. I mixed it thin, and it applies so smoothly, with no flaking or cracking. For liner, I usually just wet my brush with a setting spray, or use the one other mixing medium I have, which is by NYX, but this one beats them both, for me, in terms of the texture after it dries. An empty pod for mixing is included with Cosmetic Alchemy, which I found a very thoughtful touch.

The blogger pack consists of five random pigment samples and a small highlighter of your choice. The owner was kind enough to provide a sixth sample, which was either a gift with purchase or an additional sample. Either way, I was grateful and totally impressed with the color choices.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland – silver

He’s Got An Arm Off – rich red with a gold shift

Tears In Rain – blue-gray duochrome

Gorehound – sparkly reddish brown

Nevermore-Tisha – a black shimmer with a blue shift

Creature Of The Night – purple with a red shift and gold shimmer

These colors are amazing, and I like the fine texture of the pigments. In the second look I did, I used the colors from the Dead Sexy collection, with the exception of Gone Off. I added Nevermore-Tisha to the mix, and I liked this look much more, just from adding a little contrast. The highlighter I chose was Ultraviolence. A reference to A Clockwork Orange? It was a done deal…you already know. This orange highlighter is finely milled and soft, so it only requires a light touch and is easily blended.

Overall, I’m happy Apocalyptic Beauty caught my eye. I like the colors and find the themes cheeky and fun. Next, I plan to try some matte shades. I always need mattes, but get distracted by sparkly things, lol. I like what what I’ve tried so far, and it’s safe to say that there’ll be a next time! If you’d like to check out Apocalyptic Beauty, you can browse their wide selection here.

Have you tried anything from Apocalyptic Beauty before? Are any of these colors you’d wear?

Thanks for reading!

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