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Hi, all!

I’d seen Aquation products in stores, and got to try my first one in my Influenster Twinkle VoxBox, which I received right around the beginning of winter. In case you’re not familiar, Influenster is a company that provides products to try, review, and share. Said items arrive in a box they call a VoxBox. To qualify, you simply answer a few short questionnaires. The more actively you participate, by doing reviews and short surveys, the more likely it is you’ll receive VoxBoxes. I’ve received quite a few, containing everything from food, to makeup, to vitamins. My Twinkle VoxBox was full of all sorts of goodies, like baking sheets, hot chocolate, and even a mascara.

Also included was a bottle of Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This lotion contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid, and may be the most moisturizing lotion I’ve ever used. With my eczema, I tend to use creams or body butters, but none soak into the skin like this lotion does. Since it is a lotion, though, it’s on the thinner end of the spectrum, and won’t stand up to our Midwest winters on its own. I use it as a standalone when I don’t plan to go out, but when I brave the cold, i top it with an oil to seal in the moisture. I haven’t had a single eczema flare-up this winter, and it feels amazing! It’s not greasy, so I expect it will be the ideal lotion for summer. The family loves it, too, and we’re already halfway through our second bottle.

I was ecstatic when I received a VoxBox out of the blue. In it, there was a card from Influenster, congratulating me, and saying that I’d won this prize for being a “model member” of the team. Also inside were two more Aquation products!

First, there was the Aquation Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser. It has a consistency similar to my two favorite cleansers, Cetaphil and CeravĂ©; it’s smooth and creamy, and doesn’t lather up, so I expected similar results. I was actually pretty disappointed. I had on a full face of makeup, and I rubbed some in, then scrubbed a bit using a konjac sponge. After rinsing, I added more cleanser and washed again, without a sponge. I went for the toner, as I always do after removing my makeup…it was like I hadn’t washed my face at all. After using four toner-soaked cotton balls, I was still wiping makeup off my face. I just use this cleanser in the morning now, when my face is basically clean anyway. I don’t trust it for a real cleaning; I think of it as prepping my skin to put on makeup.

There was also a jar of Aquation Moisturizing Cream. I was impressed by the lotion, but this cream may just be my holy grail. Ohmigosh, there’s so much creamy goodness in this jar. It’s touted as being good for face and body, and I can vouch for that. I’ve used it on my body, but I use it mostly on my face. A little goes a really long way, and it only takes a pea-sized amount for my entire face and neck. This is a seriously heavy product, and I’d recommend using it sparingly anywhere you’ve got oily skin. I got a bit overzealous when I first tried it, and woke up with my t-zone oily. If you use this cream only on your face, it will last a good while. I use it everywhere, though, and my skin stays moisturized all day. I’d been using Eucerin lotions and creams, but had always found them too greasy. This cream is ideal. It’s been serving me well, including through a harsh blast of wintry weather. Despite how heavy it is, it isn’t greasy. My daughter and hubby haven’t noticed it in my stash yet, but I know without a doubt that when they do, it’ll be a wrap on this jar, much like with the lotion.

In conclusion, I’ve got a new favorite brand in my eczema arsenal. Aquation moisturizers get the job done. Both the cream and lotion provide very intensive moisture that lasts all day, and just as I’m well on my way to buying my third bottle of lotion, I’m positive the cream will be a repeat purchase, as well. The cleanser just doesn’t do as much for me. Full foundation appears to be too much for it to handle, and since I play in makeup a few times a week, it’s not a good fit. I will continue to use it on days I don’t wear makeup, but it’s not something I’ll be repurchasing.

Have you tried Aquation products? Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

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