Biovène Black Peel-Off Mask Review

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Hey, y’all, hey!

So, we’ve talked (repeatedly, I know) about my eczema and general skin woes. I’ve been curious but leery about trying a peel-off mask, but I have a friend who uses them regularly, and touts the Biovène mask as one of her top two. The other is closer to the $100 range, but I’m a beauty on a budget, and, yeah, that wasn’t happening. I happened to catch this one on Groupon, though, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I spread it on my clean face after steaming for a few minutes to open my pores, and enjoyed an episode of People of Earth, my latest guilty pleasure, for the half hour or so it took to fully dry. I relaxed when I didn’t feel any burning or unpleasantness. Instead, I felt a slight tingle and a cooling sensation, perhaps from the aloe vera. After a few minutes, I started to feel the mask tightening. Like, face lift tightening. It was uncomfortable, but not painful or anything, so I wasn’t alarmed. My daughter was pretty amused by my attempts to talk with my lips all but frozen in place like a ventriloquist’s. Now, it was time to remove the mask.

It wasn’t difficult to get it started, and I took my time, slowly peeling it off. So, I read the directions thoroughly, and they clearly say to avoid eyes and hairy areas. I’d put it on my upper lip anyway, because that’s one of my blackhead hot spots. So, yeah, I have a mustache. I kinda like it, and have never even considered removing it. Well, I dang near removed it that day! Oh. Em. Gee. That ish HURT. I wet my finger under the tap and ran it across the area, which made it come off much more easily, but not before sacrificing a good amount of peach fuzz. The moral? Don’t just read the directions – follow them.

So I touched my face, and despite the mustache debacle, it felt nice and soft. I rinsed and moisturized, opting to skip the toner. I didn’t want to cause any irritation after peeling off the mask, which didn’t hurt (for the most part, anyway), but was probably pretty stressful to my skin, since I rarely use a treatment this aggressive. What was amazing (and gross, and fascinating) was that this thing works. There were quite a few blackheads stuck to the mask. And some peach fuzz. Sigh. But it actually removes blackheads, y’all! I’m noticing a smoother finish on my made-up face, and not only fewer blackheads, but fewer pimples, too. I’m impressed and happy I decided to try it. It’s suggested to use it 1-3 times a week, so I’ve been using it twice, once on my entire face (except my upper lip), and the other application just on the t-zone (again, with the exception of my ‘stache). I’ve experienced no irritation whatsoever, and no excessive dryness, either. I’m finding this mask an excellent addition to my routine, and I’m already seeing a lot fewer blackheads. I’ll be cutting it down to once a week, and decrease it to whatever schedule I need for maintenance, once I’ve achieved the best possible result. I’d totally recommend this mask…just don’t make the mistake I made!

If you’d like to check out this mask, you can find it here.

Have you ever tried a peel-off mask? Did you notice a difference?

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  1. Aww you’re a mum, how old is your daughter? Hmm that sounds like an interesting mask, especially for my nose area, that is where my blackheads reside… I’ll check if I can find it here in Switzerland too.

    • Yes, she’s my one and only, and will be 15 this Friday! And she uses the mask more than I do, so I’ll be buying two, since it’s nearly gone. I like it, though, and have a lot less scarring since I’ve stopped forcibly removing the blackheads. The key is steaming first to soften the little buggers. 🙂

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