Boxycharm December 2016 Review

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Hi, all!

I recently got this month’s Boxycharm delivery. I really enjoyed November’s box, so I was looking forward to seeing what they had in store for December. Let’s jump in and see how they did!

Beauty For Real Lip Revival Scrub

With my eczema and dry skin, I love a good scrub, and this one qualifies. The sugar crystals in it are very finely milled, so it’s not too abrasive. It exfoliates gently, without irritation, even if I scrub vigorously. The soft, fresh citrus scent is a bonus, and I’d love a body scrub or spray with this fragrance.

My rating: 10/10

butter London Nail Lacquer in Ruby Murray

Ruby Murray is a classic cranberry crème that would fit in anyone’s wardrobe. I’d have liked a more unique color, but this one is appropriate for the season. I’m a nail blogger with over a thousand bottles, and butter London makes some of the best crèmes. This one is no exception. It applies like…well, butter. It lays down smoothly, and would probably be a one-coater if I didn’t prefer thin coats. The wear is excellent, and I’ve had it on three days, so far, with no chips.

My rating: 9/10

Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener

This eye brightener is the first one I’ve used, and while I like it, I don’t know that I’d seek it out. It’s basically a creamy eyeshadow crayon. I like the eggshell color, and the shimmer in it does make it an excellent shade for highlighting. It’s soft and blendable. This crayon even works on the waterline. My only problem is that its softness can mean it crumbles. This isn’t a big deal on the lid, because it can be smoothed out with a finger. On my waterline, though, it often leaves crumbly bits that are tricky to get out of my lashes. I’ve used it several times, and I like how it looks, so maybe I’ll try sticking it in the freezer a few minutes before applying it to my waterline…it just seems like a lot of trouble. It’s staying power is good, and despite how creamy it is, it’s not greasy, and it does stay in place pretty well. I like that it self-sharpens, too. So, I’ll continue to use this brightener, but I wouldn’t buy another. I do see quite a few other products on their site I’d like to try, and the box includes a coupon for 25% off my next purchase.

My rating: 8/10

Pure Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette – Buff Collection

The Buff Collection palette contains twelve neutral shades. While most are shimmers, there are a couple of matte shades thrown in, making this quite a versatile collection. These shadows are soft and so finely milled. There is a bit of fallout, and you can see it came with a couple little divots and dings, but it’s worth it. Every color is velvety smooth and easy to apply. My only problem with it, and the reason I don’t often buy nude palettes, is that on my chocolate skin, the colors can appear too similar. I’ll use it mostly for base and highlight colors, but won’t often use it for a full look, because I like just a touch more drama. If I had an office job, though, this would be the palette I reached for every day. The formula is just top-notch.

My rating: 9/10

OFRA Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Napa Valley

This lippie. Is. My. Jam. It’s a metallic royal purple that I absolutely love. I love this dark and vampy purple, and while I don’t often wear ultra dark lip colors, this one is close to my heart, and I wear it almost every day. I wear it by itself, mix it with different lippies, or add pigment. This is my first OFRA product, and I see what the fuss is about. This lipstick is opaque, with zero patchiness and no need to layer. It dries down in just a couple minutes to the most comfortable matte finish I’ve ever worn. There’s a little bit of transfer, but it’s very minimal. The wear is just amazing, and it’s usually 5-6 hours before I need a retouch. There’s no creasing, cracking, or beading. This baby handles food, coffee, smiling and kissing like a boss. Between the color and the formula, I’m pretty sure this is love.

My rating: 10/10

I’ve got to say, Boxycharm did their thing with this box. As a dark-skinned beauty, I’m reluctant about having products chosen for me, but I think they did a great job. The curation of this box is simply amazing, and is probably the best I’ve gotten so far, considering the products and the value. For $21, I received over $120 worth of goodies…all of which I’ll use! If you’d like to know more about Boxycharm and how it works, you can find more information here.

Would you use any of these products? Which is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!


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