Boxycharm May 2017: What’s in the Box?

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Hi, all!

I’m back with a review of May’s Boxycharm! I’ve been super neglectful of my sub boxes, partly because I’m so obsessed with indies, but mostly because I’ve been pretty meh about some of them. I’ll let you know if this month’s Boxycharm is one of them…let’s take a look inside!

Highlight and Contour palette by IBY Beauty

I was more than a little disappointed that even the darkest shade in this palette isn’t dark enough for me to contour with. There are a couple shades that I could possibly use to highlight, but they’re so light, it would take a lot of blending. On the flip side, the formula is very soft and buttery. I gave it to my daughter, who’s several shades more fair than I am…she loves it and looks good when she uses it.

Liquid Glow by Temptu

This is a nice product if you like a subtle highlight. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too subtle for my, erm, extreme tastes. More than anything, I like this product mixed with foundation; it produces a dewy, lit-from-within quality that I like. Since I use my Bentley MUA primer when I want that ethereal glow, I gave this highlighter to the little, too. The swatches here are blended out on the left and the quick swipe of a finger on the right.

Brow Brush by The Brow Gal

This is a nice, dual-ended brush with a spoolie on one end and slanted brow brush on the other. It’s a convenience, because a spoolie is always useful, and I like the thin, sharp edge of the brush. It’s great for fine lines and for brow cleanup. I do wish it was a little stiffer, but like that it’s so thin.

Convertible Brow by The Brow Gal in CB.02 Brown Hair

I was most excited about this product, since I’m always looking for brow help. The Convertible Brow palette contains three shades of brown powder that can be converted to pomade with the use of a wet brush. They can also be mixed to match different brow colors. My problem with this palette is that the two lightest shades are too close in color. You can see the similarity in the swatches, where I applied each color dry with a finger, and next to it, with a wet brush. While they are darker when wet, they revert to the original color as they dry, and I ended up using another pomade over the darkest shade. It’s dark enough, but it grays out on my skin. Another product for the little.

Round Contour Brush by Crown Pro

I’ve got several Crown brushes, and are happy with them, but this one is a disappointment. When I opened it, there were a handful of stray bristles. I cleaned it before use, and lost several more. I tried to remove any loose bristles as I cleaned it, but even after it dried it continued to shed. It’s a shame, because it’s extremely soft and dense. I like that its got a little cap to cover the head, but I ended up using it on one of my good brushes…I don’t feel that this one merits a case, unless it’s to keep the shedding bristles contained. I was going to toss it, but the little said she wanted it, even though she’s got two full sets of oval head brushes that are better (and retail for a lot less than a set of these, I might add).

On the whole, May’s box was a miss for me, but a win for my daughter, who ended up with everything but the brow brush. I don’t recall ever being so disappointed with a Boxycharm box, but I will give them a pass, because I’ve gotten some fantastic ones. My birthday’s in a few days, though, and if they jack up the June box, that would be unforgivable, lol. I’m just joking. Mostly. If you’d like to know more about Boxycharm, you can find more info here.

Have you had any luck with any of these products? Were there any you’d like to try?

Thanks for reading!

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