Boxycharm November 2016 Review

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Hello, all!

I’m still on my beauty box kick, with one last box to show you, late, but better than never, right? This is a look at my Boxycharm November box. Boxycharm is a beauty box subscription that provides the subscriber with 4 to 5 full-size products every month. Oh, Boxycharm, you had me at full-size. The cost is $21 per month, and each box is guaranteed to have a value of at least $100.



Last month’s theme was Groovy Town, and this box came with all you’d need for a night at the disco. It also comes with a card describing each item, how to use it, and its retail value. According to the card, my box is valued at approximately $135. All for 21 bucks. So far, so good, but let’s take a look at the products!



skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream





This eye pen has a doe-foot applicator, and the cream comes out with ease. The applicator tip is rounded and smooth to the touch. That’s great to know, since it’s intended for use on the delicate under-eye area, though I use my finger. The cream itself is very thick and rich. I find a little goes a long way. It’s quickly absorbed and very smooth. Most notable is the soothing and cooling effect it provides. This is great for the morning after a long night, as it quickly reduces puffiness. This eye cream has an excellent, non-greasy formula that doesn’t cake up in my fine lines or creases. It doesn’t interfere with makeup application, either. This pen was an immediate win, for me.

My rating: 5 of 5

Crown C513 Pro Detail Crease Brush




This brush is so soft and gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. My one complaint about it was pretty immediate, and it’s that this brush sheds. I lost a couple bristles straight out of the package. I cleaned it before the first use, and lost a few more bristles in the process, so I was a little disappointed by that. Since a second and third washing, the shedding seems to have stopped, which is a relief. After using this brush, I can hardly bear to think of life without it. I absolutely love it. Its tip is tapered to a nice point, and kept its shape perfectly after cleaning. It didn’t require any trimming at all, which is nice. The tip of this brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow, and I love the precision it offers. Using the side allows for wider swaths of color and blending. This totally appeals to my laziness, because I can use just this one brush for a whole look.

My rating: 4 of 5

Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Antique Pink







You may know, by now, of my apprehension about pink lipstick. This one is another lucky find, for me. It’s a dusty rose color with the slightest hint of brown. This makes it a surprisingly good fit, and, even without a liner, I don’t find it too bright or garish for a casual look. Its opacity is excellent on the first coat, though layering this lipstick intensifies the color. It’s creamy, as it’s applied, and doesn’t dry down too quickly, so you do have time to get it in place before it sets. I’d describe the overall finish as somewhere between satin and matte, though it’s matte in appearance. It isn’t the hardest of matte finishes, so I find there is some transfer, and that it’s not quite as long-wearing as some mattes. Though that may be a problem for those who prefer a drier matte, I don’t mind the occasional need to retouch. I prefer the softer, more supple feeling and appearance I get from this lipstick. This is really important to me, as lighter colors can make dark skin look dry and ashy, so this lipstick formula is ideal, for me.

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Vintage Illuminating Face Highlighter in Rose Gold





Until I got this highlighter, I’d never in my life used a powder for highlighting. Once again, seeing a lightly-colored product made me a little nervous. For that reason, I decided to err on the side of caution and use it lightly. I absolutely love this highlighter, and find it simply magical. It’s very finely milled, so it’s super soft and easy to blend. If you have large pores, like I do, it can settle in them, so priming is key, especially on my dark skin. What I love so about this highlighter is that I can create as much drama as I like. I can use it for every day wear or for nighttime glam. Even when using a heavier hand and over matte makeup, it doesn’t make my skin look ashy. As far as texture and performance, this highlighter is a definite win.

My rating: 5 of 5

Studio Makeup Cool Down Palette




This palette contains the perfect range of colors for use year-round. It’s full of nude shades great for everyday wear, and includes a couple darker colors for more sultry or dramatic looks. There are different textures in this palette, too, including matte, shimmer, and glitter. Glitter! These shadows are all nicely pigmented, and I adding more product quickly intensifies the colors. They’re soft, fine, and very blendable. Their softness means there’s a bit of fallout, but because of the quality otherwise, that’s not a deal breaker, for me. Not at all.

My rating: 5 of 5


Overall, this box is a win, and it’s full of products I actually use. The value is amazing, and I’m just really impressed with the curation of this box. I like the ratio of cosmetics to skincare items. Everything I got is of good quality, and some items, I’d say, are absolutely stellar. I’ll be buying it again, and if this box is any indication of what I can expect from Boxycharm, they’ll be seeing a lot more of me! You can check it out and subscribe here.


Are you a Boxycharm subscriber? What was your favorite item in the box?

Thanks for reading!

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