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Sometimes, I feel…handy. I woke up one morning feeling an urge to build. Yes, build! So, I went and bought lumber, starting an undertaking I never have before, one requiring…*gasp*…tools. Luckily for me, I got just the tools I needed.


The first is this laser level. This level was sent from the future. Well, not really, but it sure is fancy! Besides the laser alignment feature, this tool features a three-position bubble level, ruler, and tape measure. I love a good all-in-one tool. You can find this one here. 


In addition to the laser level, this magnetic wristband is a must. I use it to keep my screws and screwdriver handy. It’s a huge help when you get a brilliant idea to build something alone and have no idea what you’re doing. You can get yours here. 



In short, I’ve taken on a task I had no clue how to complete. I feel ready with the tools I need to figure it out, though. I’ll soon be sharing the finished product with you!

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