Dirty Glam Birthday Haul, Swatches, and Review

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Hi, all!

I’m back with another installment of my birthday haul from new-to-me indie, Dirty Glam Cosmetics, as well as a few swatches. Dirty Glam Cosmetics is a vegan brand owned by the lovely Lindsey. You may have seen a couple Dirty Glam products in my latest posts. I picked up some of their pigment samples to try. I also turned around during a sale a day or two later, and, after swatching the ones I had, grabbed even more! I received a sweet handwritten note in both packages, which I simply adore. Personal touches like this make my day, and are why I’ll always love my indies. I got a bunch, so instead of a billion swatches, I’ll just give you a couple quick and dirty examples of what I got.

Here are some of their mattes and Dirty Luster Dusts (more on both of these later).

You already know blues and greens are my jam, and I swatched them here.

They come in these sample baggies, and I transfer them to jars I’ve purchased.

These swatches are all done with a dry brush on bare skin. Do you see how well these all show up on me?!?! That totally speaks to the amount of color saturation in these pigments. Usually, only my finger swatches are this opaque, which is why I recently started attempting brush swatches for a better idea of how they’ll look when applied. If you’re inclined to try Dirty Glam, there are two things I recommend. First, grab some mattes. They’re super rich, finely milled, and opaque. I love my metallics and duochromes, but nothing’s as impressive to me as a good matte formula, since that’s the foundation everything else is built upon. A second suggestion is to grab at least a couple of the Dirty Luster Dusts. These are highlighter shades with different color reflects. I love a multitasker, and you can use these as eyeshadow and foiled as eyeliner, as well as highlighter. I used it in my last two looks, here and here.

Overall, Dirty Glam is quite the happy discovery, for me, and I plan to get into lots of trouble with them! Here’s my second order, which I’ve yet to transfer.

Lindsey was kind enough to include a sample of one of her newest shades, Holy Copper! Holy Copper! is right, and I don’t think I’ve seen a finish this metallic. Foiled as a liner, this shade is going to be incredible!

If you’d like to see all the pretties Dirty Glam has to offer, you can find them here.

Have you tried Dirty Glam Cosmetics? Is there anything you’d like to try?

Thanks for reading!

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