Fabled Fragrances Haul and Review

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Hi, all!

I’m back with more of the birthday haul saga, and today, I’m sharing what I got from Fabled Fragrances. I picked up a couple sample sets to try out a variety. This post is long and a bit picture-heavy, so I’ll go ahead and get into it!

I received a couple free samples with my order. I got an additional sample of Merlin, a sparkly turquoise, as well a sample of their Eden lip gloss, a shimmery green that I like and find comfortable to wear. I purchased three perfume samples.

Geisha is lighter than I expected, but very nice. The most prominent notes, for me, are powder and light musk, and I also get a bit of magnolia, which was my reason for choosing this scent. Magnolias remind me of childhood summers spent in Mississippi, and are my favorite floral fragrance. The powder and musk temper the sweetness perfectly.

Aegir is described as containing vanilla bourbon and two different sandalwood varieties, among other things. I expected a more woodsy scent, but on me, it’s a sweet, soft floral that I enjoy wearing.

Kamadeva is a fragrance I chose because it includes patchouli and sandalwood, my favorites. It also contains jasmine. On me, this is a dark, balsamic fragrance, and dries down to a sharper citrus scent (bergamot, maybe?). It also has a sort of juicy undertone, like melon. This fragrance is my favorite of the three, and I find it dark and seductive.

I also got a set of 25 pigment samples, and I pulled a few blues and greens to swatch and show you. My swatches were all done with a dry brush on bare skin.

L to R: Neptune, Bahamut, Cobalt Sky, Lunacy, Calypso, Hippocampus


L to R: Neptune, Bahamut, Cobalt Sky, Lunacy, Calypso, Hippocampus


L to R: Merlin, Parrotfish, Curiouser and Curiouser, Hummingbird, Ghoul, Hawthorn


L to R: Merlin, Parrotfish, Curiouser and Curiouser, Hummingbird, Ghoul, Hawthorn

As you can see, these pigments aren’t the most saturated I’ve tried, and they have varying degrees of opacity. Of these, Hummingbird is probably my favorite, and is clearly the most pigmented of the bunch swatched here. Some of these colors took a lot of building to achieve full opacity. For instance, you can see how sheer Cobalt Sky is, despite layering.


For the look I did, I used Blood Moon, a matte burgundy, Nightmare, a glittery wine color, and Hex, a bright, shimmery yellow. You can see the swatches here. I love Nightmare and all its sparkly goodness, but Blood Moon took a lot of layering and a lot of product to build to the color I achieved. Hex is also quite sheer, but the shimmer makes the lack of opacity a little more forgivable.

Here, I used a base of Blood Moon, and added Nightmare and Hex over Notoriously Morbid Shadow Bind. My highlighter is QueensLyfe Cream Illuminator in 10K, and my lip gloss is Black Radiance Brilliant Effects in Black Diamond.

The Verdict:

I love the perfumes, and will be buying more, including a full size Kamadeva. The fragrances are amazing, as far as the blends of the scents and lasting power. I would also like a couple more glosses. They’re pigmented and comfortable – no sticky feeling. Of the pigments, though, there are only a few I’d buy again. I find the range of colors fantastic, but the formulas and pigmentation vary, and not all of them are equal. I will say that I wouldn’t mind having a larger size of Hummingbird, Nightmare, or Parrotfish, among a few others. You can find Fabled Fragrances here.

Have you tried anything from Fabled Fragrances before? Is there anything you’d like to try?

Thanks for reading!

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