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Hi, all!

I wanted to share an amazing lady with you. Madelyn, my glitter sister, is today’s Friendship Spotlight and one of the kindest, most gentle souls that I’ve ever come across. She recently gifted me the most amazing haul I’ve ever had. At the beginning of my makeup journey, she and Christi (who I wrote about here) were the first two people to really embrace and interact with me. They put together a group of several makeup artists and enthusiasts to support and encourage each other, but as we all got to know each other, it quickly began to feel more like a sisterhood, and we were eventually dubbed Glitter Sisters. This post is a bit long and picture-heavy, so grab yourself a hot cup of whatever floats your boat and come set a spell!

Though I’m likely the oldest of our group, I think of Madelyn as the group “mother”. Her kindness and concern with everyone’s well-being is beyond measure, and I can count on her to keep me grounded when I fall into one of my bouts of darkness and negativity. I can honestly say that we all look to her for advice. I love her perspective, and she never fails to come from a kind and gentle place, which tempers my admittedly evil ways. I love this kind soul for that and so much more. Going through her process of destashing, and knowing that my budget is incredibly limited, she asked if I had a problem with used makeup. Ummm, nope…not at all. So, look at what arrived at my door…

Holy mother of makeup! She’d showed me a photo of the box, but I had no idea of its size, since it was with a bunch of other boxes. I expected maybe shoebox-sized or slightly smaller, either of which I’d have been truly grateful for, but what I got was a full-on arsenal! She included brands I love, some I’d never heard of, and some I’d been dying to try. There is My Pretty Zombie, Darling Girl, Apocalyptic Beauty, Dawn Eyes, Notoriously Morbid, Fyrinnae, and a gang of other brands. She pretty much doubled my DG collection and gave me several longtime NM lemmings. As if all this wasn’t more than enough (and a dream come true), she bought me a Wet n Wild lippie (seen in my first look below) as well as the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil palette that I’d been talking myself out of. Did I say “mother”? Make that “fairy godmother”!

I’ve been swatching everything a little at a time, since my recent development of sciatica doesn’t allow me to sit long (or lie down, or walk, or stand, sigh). Today, I’m sharing my swatches of a few brands and looks I did with them. All swatches were done with a dry brush on bare skin. For the looks, all non-matte/glittery shades are over Darling Girl Glitta Grip.

I’ll start with Dawn Eyes, a brand I’d been itching to try, and now I understand the high praise.

Dawn Eyes, top to bottom: Pink Celosia, Gingerbread, Ecstasy, Silverleaf, Seaweed, Whirlaway Dancer, Goo, Night’s Queen, Belladonna, Devilish, Cauldron

For this very vivid look, I used Dawn Eyes Pink Celosia, Belladonna, and Cauldron. The matte/base shades are all from the Take Me Back To Brazil palette, which I’ll be reviewing in another post.

Shiro, which is one of the brands I decided to try as part of my birthday makeup whirlwind, is one I really like. The Shiro picks that Madelyn gifted me did NOT disappoint!

Shiro Cosmetics, top to bottom: Heaven Nor Hell, Shinigami, Heart Attack, We’ve Got Science, Bulbasaur

In this look, I used Heaven Nor Hell, Shinigami, and Bulbasaur.

And the Darling Girl shades – you may remember from my first DG post how much I like them, and there have been a couple more orders since that first one. Thanks to Madelyn’s gift, I can now say I actually have a little DG stash! She even sent an extra of Dragon’s Breath and Persuasion, which my daughter was so happy about. She’s actually got quite a knack for using and mixing pigments, and I’ve given her a bit of (supervised) access to some of my precious pigments. Some of these – those from the Oh, The Horror collection, particularly – have been lemmings since my very first order, and I’ve been slowly collecting it and the Friends Central collection.

Darling Girl, top to bottom: Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, The Invisible Man, The Count, Brocade, Sirena, Dragon’s Breath, Persuasion

For this look, I tried to tone it down a bit for orientation at my daughter’s school. I used two Darling Girl mattes I already had, Rendezvous and Dark Desire, as my base and crease colors. I used Brocade as the main lid color, Dragon’s Breath on the outer lid, and Sirena on my inner corner, brow bone, and lower lash line. I was proud of only being slightly extra, and I didn’t get a side-eye from the little, so I was happy, lol.

In case you haven’t been following my Instagram account, in a recent development, I was chosen to be an official Darling Girl! I’m incredibly excited, and I feel so very lucky and honored to be recognized simply for doing something I love. I’m also happy to share with you that you can now save on your order using my affiliate code “koolklawz8”!

It’s all thanks to beauties like Madelyn. She pushes me when I need encouragement and cheers me on in a way that is purely unselfish and completely sincere. I’m eternally grateful to her, and I feel honored to call her my sister. You can give her a follow and check out her beautiful makeup art here (as well as her bright and beautiful baby girl, who I’ve claimed as my niece!).

Is there anyone whose presence in your life helps make you a better person? Do you have family that you’ve had the luxury of choosing?

If you’ve stuck with me throughout my ramblings, thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Hei dear sister. I love this post so much . God bless your friend because she is a wonderful person and supports you . I already love her . You created gorgeous look with your new makeup . You inspire me a lot . Thanks for beeing my friend and my sister too. I love you

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