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Hi, all!

I’m back to share a most amazing gift from my beautiful friend, Brooke. Before I made it off Notoriously Morbid’s Mystic Monthly waitlist in May, I’d expressed in NM’s Customer Crypt my deep and abiding yearning for Tituba, which was April’s Mystic Matte. Sadly, I had no luck…until one fateful day.

I got a message from Brooke, asking if I still wanted Tituba. “Only from the very depths of my soul and with my every breath”, I replied. Okay, it was nowhere near that dramatic, but when I answered, she asked if I also had Sally’s Song, another lemming of mine, since I’d missed it. Sally’s Song was NM’s color of the month for November 2016, which was about a month before I discovered Notoriously Morbid. So, I get my package, already excited beyond what a grown woman should be. Inside it are not only Sally’s Song and Tituba, but a jar of Whitelighter Witch, the highlighter I’d been craving from November 2016’s Vanishing Cabinet. I. Was. Dead. Just look at the pretties!

Sally’s Song – a bright blue eyeshadow with pink sparkles. This shadow has so much sparkle it almost has a duochrome effect!

Whitelighter Witch – a champagne-colored highlighter with red shimmer.

Tituba – a royal purple Mystic Matte with red shimmer and a blue overlay. My swatch shows Tituba straight from the tube on the left. The right side has been patted to bring out the shimmer.

All. The. Yes.

There was so much shimmer and sparkle in this little package! It made my day. Even being sleep-deprived and suffering horribly with sciatica couldn’t keep me from doing at least one face. Here’s the look I did.

Sally’s Song – lid (over Shadow Bind)
Logic Boy – base
I Call It Mr. Pointy – crease
Mom, Mom, Mommy – crease, outer corner, lower lash line
Stench Of Death – foiled as liner
The Powers That Be – transition, lower lash line

Whitelighter Witch – inner corner, brow bone, highlighter
Skin – blush

Tituba – lipstick

What better way to celebrate national lipstick day than with Tituba on mah face? I’m so happy with my new pretties, and so grateful to the lovely Brooke for thinking of me. You can check out her dazzling looks and stellar color combinations here.

What was the last surprise you received? When was the last time you made someone smile?

Thanks for reading!

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