Friendship Spotlight and #MOTD

Nothing to disclose

I recently had the honor of collaborating with my beautiful sister-friend, @didi_eriksen! We copied a face chart by the renowned @milk1422. It was an incredible honor to work with this super-sweet and talented beauty. I stumbled upon Didi’s Instagram page one day, and was immediately drawn to her infectious smile and her love of vibrant colors.

Didi interacting with me when I was brand new to makeup made a world of difference. She encouraged me to take part in various collaborations that welcome me regardless of my skill level. I’ve also met other amazing beauties through her. I’m so very honored to collab with her, and here are our looks!

The beautiful Adriana is one strong-willed woman. She shows strength in the face of hardship, and her energy is always so positive. She recently finished her last round of chemotherapy (yayyy!), and even on days I know she must be tired, she is cheerful and sharing joy with others. I’ve learned over the years that there are just some people whose heart touches another. Hers reaches across thousands of miles to touch my own, and she’s just so very special. Simply put, I love this lady. Please check out her page for beautiful looks, transformation videos, and all sorts of fun! You can find it here.

Are there people you feel a strong connection to? What draws you to them?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wowww! I just click on the link on your profile and I had a wonderful surprise! I’m so happy and feel so blessed. You must to know that you touched my heart too since the first time I saw your profile. I had wonderful feeling. And you show me a lot of love under my life’s biggest challenged . I believe that God alowd us to experience things for a reason. I had breast cancer and it was found in early stage. Because of this I had chemotherapy to the cancer does not return in some years. Because I was at home alone I start to watch makeup videos on youtube. After that I start to do makeup experiments here and there and shared it on instagram. I’m bald because of the chemotherapy and I share it too. And isted of complein about my problems I pray a lot for God. I was feeling sad but not because of the cancer and the chemotherapy but because some of “my friends” abandoned me. So one day as magic I meet you .I will never forget one of the messages you send to me. You said you were count it down with me. I was so touched that I start to cry because God send you to confort my heart.I’m so happy because of you. I pray for God heled me and give me strengs because one day my biggest wish is to meet you in person and give you a biggggg hug! You’re my sister now

    • My sister, it goes both ways. He sent me you during a very tough time, and you’ve brightened my days ever since. I’m a believer that He sends people for a reason, and your love and support lifts me up just as much, believe me. I’d love to meet you someday, and I can’t wait for my hug! ❤️

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