Glossybox March 2017 Review

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Hi, all!

I stopped by to share what I got this month. In case you’re not familiar, Glossybox is a subscription service in which you receive 5 deluxe- or full-sized beauty products for $21 USD per month. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

CATRICE Cosmetics Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette 010

Let me start by saying that I’m familiar with Catrice by way of my nail blog. I like their polish, the crémes, in particular, and that they offer a great range of good quality polish at a fantastic price. This palette, though, is a miss for me. The colors, while useful, just aren’t for me, and not even because I like my brights, because I’m always in need of base and transition colors. On my darker skin, they’re much too similar. They can be differentiated in the palette, but with the exception of the two darkest colors, on me they look like off-white, eggshell, ecru, and ivory. They’re also really chalky, and the combination of the powdery formula plus my dark, dry skin equals me looking ashy. Nope, I’m dry enough, thanks. I noticed that one end of the brush has oddly long bristles…I guess you need it to knock away all the fallout. I was expecting the quality of this palette to be as good as their polish, but that isn’t the case.

Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Deluxe Mini Set

Say that three times fast! I was looking forward to receiving this set most of all. It contains a deluxe-sized sample of five different products: cleanser, serum, day cream, night cream, and eye cream. These samples are a nice size, and contain enough product to use for a few days. I really like the serum and the nighttime moisturizer. It’s been four days, and the most noticeable effects are from those two products. The day cream is good, but applying makeup over it isn’t easy, so I may use it on my neck and other places besides my face. This set, full-sized, is right around the $200 range. I simply couldn’t afford it at that price, but would consider buying products from the line separately. The cleanser and eye cream, I’d probably skip, not because they’re bad, just because they don’t seem to do anything special enough for me to justify the price tag. I wouldn’t buy the day cream, simply because my makeup doesn’t work well over it. I’d definitely get the night cream and the serum, because I can actually see the effects.

STUDIO | 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner

Now, y’all know I have no brows, what with the alopecia and all, so I’m always stoked for a brow product. This one is a pencil, and though I haven’t used one in ages, I was eager to try it. It’s double-ended, with the brow color on one end and a clean up concealer on the other. First, the color was weird; sort of an ash brown, but leaning way more gray than brown. Both sides were dry and crumbly, leaving behind little bits of pencil despite a gentle hand.I figured the odd color is geared toward those with brows that just need filling in. I tried it over a matte-finish pomade that isn’t oily, and the same thing…little pieces of pencil everywhere. After a few strokes, I didn’t even bother trying to put any more of this chalky mess on my face.

Figs & Rouge Avancé+ Mattifying Emulsion MT+ Sheer

I really like this primer. I had doubts, because when I first applied it, my skin tightened, like when you use a drying soap. It feels really odd, but I like the wear and the way my makeup looks over it. It does a good job of smoothing, even with my huge pores. Generally, I need to blot my t-zone a time or two during the day, depending on what I’m doing. My foundation stays in place, though. My skin is combination leaning toward the dry end of the spectrum. It doesn’t break me out, either. I like it a lot.

Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué

If you’re familiar with my nail blog, you know that I have issues with stickers, whether decals, vinyls, or tape. These appliqués aren’t so bad, however. I have an easier time with these because they’re made of real nail polish, and they stretch. This pliability means they do a good job of covering my extra-curvy nails. I like their pretty and fun springtime pattern; it consists of a white base and pastels dabbed onto the tips. Each set comes with 16 decals, 2 each of 8 different sizes. They aren’t large enough to fit most toes; I needed the largest size for my thumb nails, which aren’t particularly wide, but have a deep c-curve. You can stick these directly on your nail, but they are thin, so will show your every flaw. I’ve used nail polish appliqués before, and went in knowing this, so I applied a base coat. I topped them off with a glossy top coat, sealing the tips. I paired these tips with The Don Deeva’s April Loves to Sparkle for a brightly colored springtime mani. The hot pink and holo in April and the white base on these appliqués puts me in a happy place, even though I’m rocking shorties. These appliqués wear like regular polish, and four days later, there aren’t any chips. I am getting a bit of shrinkage, though, and they’re pulling back from the tips a little, but I’m the only one looking that closely, really. I’d buy these again, though in a bolder pattern.

tarte cosmetics tarteguard 30 sunscreen lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This lotion feels good on my skin, but I have the same problem with sunscreen lotions. I use products with sunscreen regularly, but I get the best results from products between 15 and 25 SPF. I’ve noticed that when I use a higher SPF, foundation (and everything else) becomes really difficult to apply. The sponge or brush seems to drag across my face, and I always end up with a streaky, uneven finish, and with a really high SPF, the makeup will bead up and leave a bunch of little makeup balls. It’s crazy, I know. This lotion did the same thing…I was left with a super streaky finish. I tried using it as a primer, as well as adding a primer. Same result. So, I’ll just use this lotion daily on my neck, and on other body parts, if this crazy weather ever breaks and we can hang out outside again.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with this month’s Glossybox, besides getting to try the Mary Kay products and the Avancé primer. The appliqués are cute and cool, but not particularly exciting. The pencil and eyeshadow were a bit of a joke. I don’t mind getting lower-end brands or products, as I’ve found some I really like and continue to shop with. I simply found these two items to have a pretty profound lack of quality. Seriously speaking, I’ve bought better eyeshadow from the dollar store. And that pencil. First, I’ve never seen anyone with brows that color, and besides that, the pencil crumbles to pieces as you use it. And for more than $20 retail? Just…nope. I’m used to more from you, Glossybox. I’m trying to pare down my subscriptions, and between this month and last month, I’m just not feeling the love. If you’d like to know more about Glossybox, you can check it out here.

What did you think of this month’s Glossybox? Is there anything you’d try?

Thanks for reading!

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    • Yes, I was soooo disappointed. I’ve gotten some really nice products from them, but it seems they’re more focused now on the price tags than the quality. I’d rather have a cheaper product that works well than an expensive product that does nothing. 🙁

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