GreatStyler Makeup Brush Drying Tower

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The GreatStyler Makeup Brush Drying Tower is a cool tool. It arrives in three easy-to-assemble parts, and requires only peeling off the protective paper backing from all sides and fitting the pieces together in their slots. Easy-peasy.

The tower looks nice, and doesn’t take up much space. There are slots of multiple sizes, and any of my brushes fit, from a brow brush to the largest kabuki I own. There are silicone tabs in each slot that grip the brushes snugly. Once on the table, the tower is pretty sturdy, however, I do wish all the parts snapped together; they can come apart as I pull brushes out of the tower. I added a couple drops of super glue to the center, where all the pieces intersect. Problem solved.

I always dry my brushes with the bristles down, as my goal is to keep the ferrules as dry as possible. I’d considered getting a fancy brush doohickey that cleans them and spins them dry, but I have enough brushes that I’m not so pressed to have a single brush instantly dry…I’d rather use that money for more makeup. If you’d like to check out this brush drying tower, you can find it here.

How do you clean your brushes? What’s your favorite method of drying them?

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