Gypsy Monroe Wax Company Haul and Review

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Hi, all!

I’m back with more wax from another new-to-me brand, The Gypsy Monroe Wax Company. I decided I wanted some keepsake wax (is that a thing?), and to get some pretties I could keep, cure, and admire. I spotted GMWC on Instagram, and found April’s shapes and fragrance combinations to be pretty intriguing, so I kept my eyes peeled and was able to catch these pretty shapes at restock. Turnaround time is listed as 1-2 weeks, but my order arrived only 6 days after ordering, which is impressive. Recommended cure time is 2 weeks. Now that I’ve gotten those details out of the way, let’s get to the descriptions and thoughts on what I picked up!

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Gather Round the Campfire – toasty marshmallow, burnt sugar, smoky firewood, cocoa, vanilla cream

As I expected, this is my favorite; it totally reminds me of s’mores around the fire. It’s got that toasty undertone of crackling wood and roasting marshmallows, as well as the faint scent of melted chocolate. It’s realistic, not overly sweet, and not burnt-smelling.

Blue Moon – blueberry cheesecake, lemon curd, whipped cream

I’m very pleased with this tart, and the fragrance combination is sublime. It totally evokes all the little nuances, including the cream cheese in the cheesecake and the butter of the lemon curd. It smells rich, creamy, and pretty darned delicious.

Black Magic Woman – blackberry jam, cotton candy, barbershop

I like barbershop, and figured blackberry jam wouldn’t be too sweet, though I was worried about the cotton candy. It’s actually an excellent blend, with the sweetness tempered very nicely by the barbershop fragrance.

Two Scoops – frozen peach, banana, vanilla cream, caramelized sugar, toasted marshmallow

I was worried about this one. I never get this type of sweet combo, but figured it could be made tolerable because I love banana. Upon opening it, I smelled mostly peach, and it had a somewhat artificial fragrance that put me off a bit. I smelled it again two weeks later, and all the scents have melded together beautifully…this tart smells like straight up ice cream, and I now completely understand the point of curing.

I also received a couple samples with my order.

Queen of Hearts (star-shaped sample) – sugar cookie, buttercream, vanilla pound cake, whipped cream, strawberry

This sample smelled good, but it was a bit too light and fruity for my taste. I’m one of the few weirdos I know who isn’t crazy about sugary scents, though, and the rest of my household enjoyed it, as I imagine most people would.

Trick or Treat Yo Self (sugar skull-shaped sample) – pumpkin spice, cinnamon waffle cone, fried ice cream, marshmallow

I’m not a huge fan of either pumpkin or cinnamon, but the fried ice cream and marshmallow in this combination gives it a really nice aroma that’s more creamy than spicy. I wouldn’t mind more of this scent at all.

What I liked immediately about these beauties was that they were just as pretty in person. They’re a bit beat up in my single shots, but that’s due to my own rough handling…and because I cut off a piece here and there because they simply smelled too good not to try. You can see by the initial photos that they all arrived in perfect condition. They’re gorgeous and glittery! Fragrance-wise, I love that each individual scent comes through. I like the unexpected blends and that the sweet scents come through clearly without being cloying. April’s handiwork is so aesthetically pleasing. This wax smells as delightful as it looks, and I’ll be shopping again!

You can find the Gypsy Monroe Wax Company here. I highly suggest keeping up with GMWC on Instagram, as well as in the Facebook group for news on restock dates as well upcoming fragrance and shape offerings.

What types of fragrances do you like? Have you tried Gypsy Monroe before?

Thanks for reading!

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