Happy New Year!

Nothing to disclose

Hi, all!

I hope you all had a safe, happy, and fun New Year’s Eve! I had a tough time cracking my eyes open this morning, but it was SOOOO worth it! 🙂 I just wanted to stop in, mumble a few still-groggy words, and share some of my favorite looks from last year.

I wasn’t sure, at first, about what direction to take this little blogging adventure. I decided to just share things that make me happy, in the hopes that I could help someone find their own happiness, too. This year, I’ll be doing more of the same.

I’ve chosen to continue with my gift guide, for sure. In my opinion, it’s never a bad time to give a gift. In that same vein, when is it ever a bad time to treat yo’ self?

I’ll also continue sharing my newfound love of makeup, as well as my journey as I learn to use it…fails and all. I’ve spent years not feeling pretty enough, and finally had to ask myself, “Pretty enough for what? To have that gruff teddy bear of a man who spoils you as best he can? To have that beautiful daughter who’s a good girl and absolutely adores you? Girrrrllll, please…when you get done tripping…” So, I plan to have fun with it, and delve a little into hair and fashion, as well – alopecia, extra curves, and all.

I’ll also be touching more on mental health care and awareness. I’ve found, since sharing my own struggles, that I am anything but alone. My goal is just that, to let others know that they’re not alone and that there is hope, help and healing available for the asking. I have no medical training whatsoever, but if you just need someone to listen without judgement and in complete privacy, I’m here.

As always, I’d love to know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see or know more about. Feel free to send me a message or drop a comment.

So, in 2017, I simply aspire to be more unabashedly me. I don’t much believe in resolutions, myself. I need to quit smoking and get into better shape, and while I’ll  continue to work on both, I won’t beat myself up about either. My only real resolution is to add more sparkle to my life, in every possible way. I’m looking forward to the ride!

How about you? Do you have any resolutions?

Thanks for reading!

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