ili Cosmetics Swatches and Review

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Hi, all!

I’m here sharing a small haul and swatches from my very first ili Cosmetics order. From what I can tell, ili is a cosmetics company after my own heart (read, there is tons of shimmer and sparkle to be found). I picked up sample sizes of three different sets: the Xanadu, Khaleeji, and Nightmare b4 Xmas collections. All swatches were done with a dry brush on bare skin.

Xanadu collection

An 80’s reference, and one involving Olivia Newton John? Of course, I’m here for it!

Suddenly – described as a pearlescent beige with a slight pink undertone. The sparkle in this shade is amazing, but you can clearly see the reason I often avoid some pale or pastel shades. On me, they appear a shade of gray. This will be a shade I use to highlight or blend out a deeper peach.

Kira – a peachy shade with silver sparkle. This one is a lot more wearable for me, and is much more peach.

The Muses – watermelon pink with violet undertones and blue, green, and purple sparkle. Leans a definite purple/dusty mauve on me.

Xanadu – shimmery light blue with green highlight. This is a bright, pastel turquoise on me, and a huge yes.

Magic – brilliant turquoise green with green highlights. Another yes. This one is a bright blue on me and looks more green blended out on my yellow undertones.

Zeus – medium black with silver- and gold-tone shimmer. This can be worn alone or in combination with a great many other colors.

Misses: Suddenly just doesn’t do me much justice.
Hits: Everything else!

Khaleeji collection

When I hear Khaleeji, I think of the beautiful, jewel-toned hijabs some of my friends wear, and I totally get that vibe from these rich and intense colors.

Patina – deep yellow antique gold with gold shimmer. This one is a very rich pure gold on me.

Sands of Time – light honey brown with golden highlight. On me, this is a rich champagne color. Champagne is another color I usually avoid, but this one has enough gold in it that it doesn’t gray on my skin, a nice surprise.

Bedouin – a rich, red copper/rust blend. On me, this is a deep metallic red loaded with sparkle.

Bakhoor – reddish brown with copper and gold shimmer. This shows up as a sparkly deep brown.

Hidden Gem – black with silver, pink, and purple shimmer. The pink and purple reflects are quite strong on me, and in some lighting and angles have the appearance of a deep eggplant. Yesss.

Arabian Nights – vivid navy with blue and gold shimmer. This blue is very vibrant and sparkly.

Misses: none. These shades are all quite rich, with no graying on my dark skin.

Hits: While I fully expected it would be Arabian Nights, given my love of blues and greens, the winner, for me, is Hidden Gem. All I can say is: that sparkle, though!

Nightmare b4 Xmas collection

I love anything Nightmare Before Christmas-related, and was so excited for this collection. I adore anything Jack Skellington, and this is no exception.

Zero – a white pigments with strong orange/copper highlights. This is one of my favorite highlighter shades, and I like to use it over mattes, as well, for a bit of shifty goodness.

The Mayor – blackened gray with orange highlight and copper shimmer. I’m generally leery of gray, but this is a nice, deep shade…not one that would look chalky or ashy on my skin.

Bone Daddy – black and silver glitter of different sizes. This is a nice mix of glitter, and I’d love a matching fingernail polish. I just swatched it on its own, but I expect it will be insane with a glitter adhesive.

Oogie – green with a golden highlight. You already know this is the color that drew me. It stays bright and vivid on me, and blending it out brings out the gold, giving it a sort of duochrome effect.

Kidnapped – matte red with silver sparkle. I really like this color, and that it stays red, even on dark skin. It’s highly pigmented, and it can be applied dry or over adhesive to bring out the sparkle.

Ragdoll – pink with aqua sparkle and slight duochrome shift. This looks more lavender on me, and I’m hoping that it looks more pink over a primer or fixative.

Spiral Hill – rich royal purple with gold shimmer. Purple and gold is a go-to combo for me, and this purple is very deep and pigmented. Combined with the intense sparkle, it’s a win.

Lock, Shock & Barrel – orchid purple with silver, blue, and purple sparkle. Another highly saturated shade.

Harlequin Demon – muted black with a strong copper shift and blue, green, and gold sparkles.

Misses: Ragdoll wasn’t quite as pink as I’d hoped, but it’s still a lovely shade and one that I’ll wear, so I can’t really call it a miss, but it’s as close as this collection gets to a fail, for me.

Hits: It’s hard to pick, but Bone Daddy and Kidnapped are certainly standouts in an overall great set.

Plus, a freebie!

Dirty Dirty – I received this one free with purchase, and it’s described as a brown with gold, green, copper and silver shimmer. So much shimmer! I’m all in for this one, and I’m always happy to get a color that I love but wouldn’t have chosen for myself.

The verdict

This may very well be love. The color saturation in these pigments is incredible, and even shades that are typically chalky on darker skin keep their integrity when blended out. I really like ili’s unique finishes, as well, and the unexpected combinations wow me. I’d be hard pressed to find any exact dupes in my collection. I love the artwork on the labels, too. The names are creative, and the themes are fun. There’s something I love in every collection, and the insane amount of sparkle makes my soul happy. Keep an eye out for fun looks soon! I’m trying to get my birthday booty swatched and put away, because the packages arrived all at once. But, when all is said, I’m happy I ordered and will again. ili stands for “inspiring love inside”, and I adore the sentiment.If you’d like to check out ili Cosmetics, you can find them here.

Have you tried ili products before? If so, what are your must-haves?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. She recently chopped her inventory down, so my must haves list got shorter:
    Hereafter- the blue dances on top of the beige base when I wear it, it was a freebie that I’m so glad she picked out for me
    Harlequin Demon
    Saddle Up
    Hybrid Gold
    Mystery- it’s on clearance and it’s my FAVORITE
    Evil Queen
    Sea of Swirly Twirly Gumdrops
    Rusty Nail lip hybrid
    Devout lip hybrid
    The Khaleeji Collection
    P2Pinkie glitter
    White Witch glitter
    Embers glitter
    Water Lilies glitter – FAVORITE
    Bone Daddy glitter

    I can’t wait to be able to afford all the new summer colors: Pompous, Cherry Limeade, Lemonade, Tequila Sunrise, Raspberry Peach Tea, Sea Glass, Sea Shanty, Cannabrownie, Wasteland,, and Root Beer Float!

    • Oh, thank you so much for the must-haves list…it’s always an arduous process to choose from so much pretty, lol. I’m updating my wishlist now, in hopes that I can squeeze out one more teeny, tiny order. Thanks for the advice…it’s much-needed! <3

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