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I stopped in to share my Influenster Charm VoxBox with you today. In case you’re unfamiliar, Influenster is a community of shoppers who are provided free products to test, review, and share. A box of said items is called a VoxBox, and you get them by completing your profile, filling out short surveys, and fulfilling simple tasks. The Charm VoxBox is filled with items that Influenster and its reviewers deemed charming. Let’s take a look at the goods!

Eva NYC’s Clean It Up Shampoo and Therapy Session Hair Mask

Ordinarily, I’d insert an eye roll right about here, but these are actually useful…for the little, at least. I’m not always keen on trying new hair products on my daughter, but these contain lots of natural ingredients that we’ve had success with in the past. She’s a teen, and taking care of her own hair now (yayyyy!), and generally won’t let me take pictures, but she’s always game for pulling up a stool and letting me do her hair while she relaxes, so she makes a great guinea pig.

Starting with the shampoo, I have to say it’s good. My daughter’s hair is a combination of 4B and 4C textures, and her main issue is dryness. She uses a lot of oils and heavier products to keep it moisturized, and I was happy to find this shampoo is definitely up to the task of removing them. It doesn’t create a huge amount of lather, but it cleans well. Best of all, it cleans without stripping her hair of every ounce of moisture, and doesn’t give her that squeaky-clean feeling that occurs when we overdo it. It took two washes, as I expected it would, but left her hair soft, instead of brittle, and didn’t leave any residue.

The hair mask smells incredible. The instructions are to leave it in 2-5 minutes before rinsing, and as we do with any treatment, we left it in for the full amount of time recommended. Her hair is extremely thick, so we always go for the deepest possible conditioning effects and fullest penetration of the product. It takes a lot of product for my little’s thick hair, but leaves it incredibly soft. Her coils are smoother and more defined, as well, and even she keeps putting her hands in it. She generally puts in braids or two-strand twists after a day or two of rocking her Afro, but she went almost a whole week before deciding to switch it up to the twists. It’s still nice and shiny, and I’m hoping the effects of this mask are cumulative. I’m not sure I’d buy it, though, because it takes so much product to condition thick, coily hair.

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel in Peri-wink-le of an Eye

As a nail blogger, it’s sort of a pet peeve of mine when regular polishes call themselves gel polish. I don’t consider a nail polish gel unless it has to be light-cured. That being said, I’ve used quite a few of them, over the years, and I do like a one-step formula once in a while, just for convenience (read: laziness). Peri-wink-le of an Eye is a bright color perfect for spring. Anyone who knows me knows my need to have all the blue polish, so the shade is perfect. On me, it leans more toward a robin’s egg blue than periwinkle. While I find most of these gel-effect polishes wear like regular polish, there are some that actually can boast a slightly longer wear time.

This polish doesn’t last any longer than other regular polishes. The instructions are to apply a base coat, but no top coat. The high gloss finish is quite shiny, even without the top coat. Like regular polish, though, it’s prone to bubbling, and you can see some small ones in the surface of this polish. I didn’t shake the bottle, and I only used two thin coats. Perhaps it reacted with my base coat, so I’ll try a different one next time. After four days, I have two small chips and some minimal tip wear. The chips irk me a bit, but they’re small, and this periwinkle is my jam. I’ll try adding a top coat despite the instructions next time, just to see if it lasts any longer. It’s worth buying, in my opinion, as long as you know it’s regular polish. If you’re expecting a gel effect, you’ll be disappointed.

McCormick Organics Taco Seasoning Mix

I’d never noticed this particular variety in the store before, but I use the original McCormick seasoning packets regularly for tacos, chili, and a few other things. I wasn’t sure we’d like tacos prepared with this new seasoning formula, but it’s not bad at all. The only big difference is that I normally add one regular packet and one spicy, so I added a little cayenne. Besides that, there really wasn’t a noticeable difference. The salt to seasoning ratio is just as good, and this is a product I bought more of when I came across it, but I bought my regular hot variety to mix with it. I’d use the organic blend more often if it came in spicy, too.

Mott’s Applesauce Pouch

Applesauce is something we always have in the house. It’s great when you want a sweet snack that’s not too sugary, and I often substitute it in baking recipes to lower oil and/or sugar content and add moisture. I liked that it was the natural variety that I always buy; the original is just too sweet for me. The packaging is attractive, because my daughter walked past and zoomed in on it immediately, with an, “Oooo, can I have this?” She had to have it even though there was a huge jar of Mott’s in the fridge. Kids. 🙂 The pouch was easy to open, and the applesauce clearly comes out easily enough, because it was gone in seconds. I’d definitely buy these pouches for trips and lunches, as they’re a lot less messy than the cups I normally buy for trips. My VoxBox also contains a coupon for $1 off a 4-pack of pouches, and I’ll be using it.

Peeps Delights – Coconut

Okay, I have no business eating Peeps, because of the sugar content…but it happens every year around Easter. These fancy new Peeps are sprinkled with coconut and dipped in dark chocolate. These are so decadent and delicious! I’m not a huge dark chocolate lover, but it’s slight bitterness is a perfect match for the sweet marshmallow, and keeps the candy from being sickeningly sweet. I can’t wait to get to the store to look for these. There were three in the pack, one each for my husband, me, and my daughter, who always claims to hate coconut but absolutely devoured the candy. Like with regular Peeps, one or two of these is enough to satisfy my craving for sweets. I later found them in the drugstore and we tried the other two varieties. The coconut is my favorite, followed by the marshmallow, but I didn’t care much for the blueberry.

Vera Wang Embrace

While I don’t buy it as much as I used to, I love perfume. Vera Wang makes some of my favorites, and I have 7 or 8 of her fragrances in my stash. Her Embrace collection contains several different scents, and I received two: Rose Buds and Vanilla, and Marigold and Gardenia.

Until recently, I’d never been a fan of rose, and always thought of it as a more mature scent. Perhaps because I’m feeling somewhat mature myself, I’ve been finding some rose-based pairings I enjoy, lately, and this is one of the best I’ve found. It blends rose buds, vanilla, mandarin oil, and magnolia. While I’m a huge fan of fruit fragrances, what sets this off for me is the magnolia. My family is from Mississippi, and I spent summers there, up until about age 16. Some of my fondest memories are that first whiff of magnolia and the first sighting of red clay every year. I didn’t know then what the fragrance was, only that it was sweet and that it enveloped me like a welcome. The combination of scents brightens and sweetens the rose, which can be a somewhat heavy fragrance. This makes it a bit more youthful and wearable for wider range of women.

Marigold and gardenia is my favorite of the two. It’s a lighter fragrance, and I love the combination of fruit and flowers. It combines marigold and gardenia with melon and “soft musks”. I absolutely love the sweet scent of gardenia, and while marigolds have a sort of bitterness in their fragrance that I’ve never cared for, the blend is intoxicating. Without the marigold, this fragrance would be much too sweet. The melon and light musk fragrances only add to it, and while this fragrance is somewhat complex, I can smell all its components. This scent is ideal for spring and summer.

So, the Influenster Charm VoxBox was a fun one to review. Everything I got was something useful, and is something I’d definitely buy or at least consider. If you’d like to check out Influenster and perhaps qualify for your own VoxBox, you can find out more here.

Are any of these products that you’d try? Have you used any of them before?

Thanks for reading!

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