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Hi, all!

Today, I thought I’d share another neat product I recently had the chance to try. The product is Lili’s Touch Collections 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It claims to extend lashes by up to 300%. I got it for my daughter, who saw me with another 3D mascara and bugged me nearly to death for her own. It comes in a nice case with a magnetic flap closure. There are two tubes, one containing mascara, and one containing the fibers.

To use it, you simply apply the mascara as usual, and, while it’s still wet, apply the fibers. Basically, I think of it as hair extensions for your lashes. My little did a great job, especially for a first time application…my first couple times, I looked like I had spiders on my face.

Shockingly, she allowed me to take a few pictures. This is before application…

This is with the mascara.

We’ve learned a few things about applying this mascara since the first time. Her lashes are pretty thick, so she’s more interested in length. First, for lengthening, I recommend applying the fibers closer to the ends of the lashes, and for added volume, to apply them closer to the base. Secondly, I find it best to keep a spoolie on hand. The fibers clump, and they stick to everything, including each other. Some suggest another coat of the mascara to separate lashes. For me, that’s fine for a night out, but I don’t necessarily want that dramatic a look during the day. Instead, I use the spoolie to separate the lashes once the fibers have been applied.

Finally, I recommend keeping both tubes open and spoolie in hand, because you have to work quickly for the best results. The faster you work, the fewer problems there are with clumping, and the more natural your lashes look. Overall, this mascara is a good one. It’s an easy way to get longer, fuller lashes, especially for someone like me, who’s a clod when it comes to falsies. I like the versatility of being able to create a more subtle effect or all-out drama. I do wish there was a way not to have so many fibers on the wand, but besides that, it’s a win. You can find this mascara here.

My rating: 8/10

Have you tried 3D mascara? Do you have any helpful tips for me?

Thanks for reading!


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