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I recently got, to sample a few products from Limelight by Alcone, courtesy of the beautiful and sweet Danny, or @thatpastelchic on Instagram. I’ve been curious about the brand for quite some time, so I quickly gave them a try. I had enough in each sample for 2-5 uses. The samples were personalized, based on the information I provided about my skin (combination/dry, large pores, eczema, mature), and came with instructions for use. With most skin products, it’s recommended to wait 24 hours to introduce additional products. My skin is extremely sensitive, and reacts almost immediately to anything it doesn’t like, so I feel several hours is enough for me to identify any problems. Now, I’ll tell you about the products I got to try and what I thought.

Must Dew

This is a facial oil, the product I was most wanting to try, and sadly, leaked a bit in transit. The tube still contained enough oil for two applications. It has nearly no fragrance, just a faint, slightly nutty smell. It made my skin feel amazing, but it also broke me out a bit. I used it both times at night, which is when I generally use a facial oil. It’s more beneficial to me after a day of makeup and scrubbing, and applying it before bed allows me to get the full effect. I woke up both mornings after using it with fresh pimples. In looking up the ingredients, I suspect it may have been caused by the shea nut oil or rosehip extract, both of which can sometimes cause a reaction in my sensitive skin. I sometimes use rosehip oil, but I dilute it more than most, because it seems to wreak havoc with my oil production, and shea is something I use regularly, but only in the winter months. I think I could use this oil, but it would be a cold weather product, for me, because of my extreme sensitivity.

You can see here that I’m breaking out. There’s a large (and painful) pimple under my nose, one on my cheek, as well as a few that are harder to see on each side of my nose.

Skin Polish

This is a double-duty product that acts as a mask and scrub. I had enough for four uses. It contains lemon and jojoba beads, and the lemon scent is amazing! It provides a light and very gentle exfoliation. As a mask. It softens and brightens the skin. It can be a little drying, so I moisturize immediately afterward. As a scrub, I don’t think I’d use it for intensive exfoliation, but for maintenance, it’s perfect. I found it ideal for use at night, as well, when I wanted to treat my skin after playing with makeup. It was a great treatment and a good way to gently exfoliate without irritation.

Skin Therapist

This cream provides some really intense moisture without being greasy. There was enough in the jar for five uses. It’s a bit heavy, and somewhat sticky, but it has some serious staying power and leaves an excellent surface for makeup application. I’m still in the midst of my monthlong makeup challenge, as well as regularly participating in collaborations, so I’m doing makeup at least once a day, which is drying and hard on my skin, in general. This cream is great under my makeup, and keeps my face soft and my textured skin looks and feels smoother. It’s also great at night, and I wake up in the morning with zero dry patches and my skin still soft. I don’t particularly care for its slight stickiness, but for long-lasting moisture, it’s a win.

Bamboo Renew

This scrub was the one body product I got to try. I got two uses from my sample, and used it mostly on my back and torso, where my eczema has the greatest tendency to flare up. I usually scrub at night, then apply a heavy moisturizer, but for the second use, I applied it in the morning because I find its bright lemongrass fragrance invigorating. I also used it on my legs the second time, because they tend to get a little rough. Three days later, and my legs are still smooth. This scrub has a nice texture, and isn’t so rough it scrapes the skin, nor is it so finely milled it’s ineffective. It does a good job of exfoliation and stimulating the skin, and it’s also got good oil content, so the effects last a little longer, and it sticks to the skin enough to get an effective scrub.

Overall, I really enjoyed using these products. My favorite was the Skin Polish. I’d consider all these products in the future, and would even consider the oil for my daughter, whose skin is easier to please than my own. I’d also be curious to try it again in winter, when my problem skin is more apt to tolerate certain ingredients. You can find the lovely Danny here for more information about Limelight, makeup photos (her skin is flawless!), inspirational quotes, and those super cute littles of hers.

Have you ever tried products from Limelight? What are your favorites?

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