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Hi, all!

My beautiful friend, Kirsten, was kind enough to gift me some Corvus Cosmetics pretties from her collection that weren’t receiving enough love. Since I got them so close to my birthday, I consider them part of my birthday haul! 🙂 Today’s look also features some gorgeous jewelry I purchased from Kirsten’s shop, Earthcharms. This amazing lady hand makes some stunning and beautifully unique jewelry. She also creates custom pieces. Let’s take a look at all my new pretties!

Just look at these earrings! I love the beadwork, and that the stones are a neutral color, which means that I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day since they arrived. What I love most about them, though? Daggers. It’s always a win when I can be pretty and channel my inner badass at the same time. 🙂

These earrings are solid, and I can feel their weight and quality when I hold them in my hand, but they aren’t heavy on my ears at all. They’re also well-constructed, without a bunch of loose findings to catch on hair and clothing. Best of all, given my allergies, Earthcharms offers the option of stainless steel or titanium hooks. I chose titanium, which is the only reason I can wear these so much. I can wear these earrings, even on long days, without a reaction of any kind. I’ve gotten more than a few compliments on them, as well! Now, on to the pigments – swatches were done with a dry brush on bare skin.

I can’t get over my friend’s generosity, and all the pretty Corvus pigments she sent. As if that wasn’t enough, she also included a lippie and the sweetest handwritten note.

And these colors!

Kaelpie – This was Corvus Cosmetics’ color of the month for April 2015, and is described as a murky brown-gray with strong turquoise shift.

Mami Wata – Marsala red with multicolored sparkles

Mothman – blackened purple with pink sparkles

Thessalonike – brown with a silver sheen

Kappa – shimmery teal green

Rusalka – shimmery bluish green

Loch Ness Monster – blackened blue with teal overlay

Melusine – pastel aqua with gold shimmer

Thing 1 – blackened green with gold sparkles

Thing 2 – deep purple with gold sparkle

This beauty also gifted me a B’Ellegant lippie in the color Camouflage, which I’ve been wanting for the longest. I was incredibly excited to open this package, because Corvus and B’Ellegant have both been on my “to-try” list for months! I also got a little stone, and I’m clueless about them, so I have no idea what the exact type it is, or its properties, but I use it as a worry stone and have probably worn a groove in it, because it’s always in my pocket when I’m not absentmindedly rubbing it.

Being the big kid I am, I was overjoyed to get Thing 1 and Thing 2. Given my love of blues and greens, it’s no surprise Kappa and Loch Ness Monster are among my favorites, and I used them in today’s look. It’s a gray and rainy day, and I couldn’t think of a better time to pull out some blues and greens. For this look I used the following Corvus pigments:

Melusine – inner lid, inner corner

Kappa – lid

Loch Ness Monster – outer lid


The lipstick is B’Ellegant Camouflage with Loch Ness Monster patted on the corners. I used Juvia’s Place The Nubian palette for my base shades and The Saharan black eyeliner. My highlighter is QueensLyfe Cosmetics cream illuminator in Dragon Blood.

I love the colors my friend chose, and I like the formula. I’m so happy to have had a chance to try them, and I’ll be ordering from Corvus in the future. As for the lippie, it’s a very comfortable créme formula, but does transfer like crazy. I love this color, and I’ll be wearing it, but I’ll mattify it for future use, because I had green everywhere, lol. My earrings are gorgeous, and there’s another pair, as well as a couple necklaces that I’m saving up for. I’m absolutely tickled with my new pretties, and I’m so darned grateful.

Thanks for sticking with me through another long one! You should definitely check out my beautiful friend’s page, where she shares her gorgeous looks and her unparalleled catalog of swatches and swatch videos. You can find them all here. You can check out her shop, Earthcharms, here, and its Instagram page here.

Have you tried any of these products before? Were there any colors that struck your fancy?

Thanks for reading!

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