McKay 10-Piece Double-Ended Screwdriver Bit Set


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Hello, all! 

I’m back with something pretty ordinary that I’ve found really useful. This is the McKay 10 Pc 2″ Double-End Power Tool & Screwdriver Bit Set. The project I’ve been working on has been pushed aside because things have been so hectic with my little’s recitals, trips, and graduation. High school starts in just a few short months, and I decided to make this a summer project we do together. 


This screwdriver bit set is going to play a huge role. The little driver I use only came with three bits, but I have screws of multiple sizes, and would have had to use a manual driver in addition to my power driver. And break my nail? I don’t think so! This set comes with ten double-ended bits, for a total of twenty bits. They come in multiple sizes and shapes, including Phillips, flat head, Torx, and Robertson heads. These bits fit any power drill or screwdriver with a hexagonal shank. 


Since this new, “crafty” phase has started, I’m finding out how important it is to have my own cache of tools. I’ve never had one, before now, but am finding it empowering to see and use my growing stash. If you’d like to check out this set of bits, you can find it here.


Are you into DIY or crafting projects? What tools can’t you live without?

Thanks for reading!

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