Meaneor Bell Sleeve Cocktail Dress

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Hi, all!

I’ve got a new dress to share. This dress is really pretty, and I love its deep wine color. I didn’t realize it would be as clingy as it is, and it accentuates my midsection a bit more than I’d like, but it’s nothing an undergarment with light control can’t handle. The fabric feels nice, and I like its thickness, because I have a choice of wearing something underneath or not. I’ve been wearing it with tights and leggings lately, but for spring or fall, this dress is all I’ll need. In the photo below, I’m not wearing an undergarment, because I was headed to a party where I knew I’d be dancing, and I didn’t want to deal with things rolling up or down underneath it, lol.

I like the flare of the skirt on this dress, and it moves beautifully. Despite being form-fitting, it doesn’t stick to me when I walk or sit. It’s very comfortable, and I don’t have to tug at it to keep my (quite ample) behind covered. The keyhole back is a nice touch, and makes it a little more dressy. This dress can be worn to a party, with heels, or as part of my everyday wardrobe with a sweater and boots. I like its versatility and style, and think a dress like this would fit in any woman’s wardrobe. You can ind it here.

How would you fashion this dress? Would you consider it dress or casual wear?

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