Medusa’s Makeup Vegan Beauty Box Review January 2017

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Guess what I’ve found? Yep, it’s another beauty box! This monthly box, curated by Medusa’s Makeup, includes 3-5 full-size vegan products, and costs $15.95 per month. Medusa’s is a new-to-me brand, and really piqued my interest because it’s a hometown brand from Chicago. Medusa’s was also the name of the first club I ever snuck into, as a teen, where my friends and I got our goth, techno, and industrial on. I’m not sure whether the two things are related, but those memories definitely played a part in my yen for this box. Let’s take a look at what I got!

My goodies arrived in a bright pink padded envelope that I mistook for ipsy, at first, but what was inside was intriguing. There was a card included, listing the products inside and their retail prices. The total value is $32, and I feel it’s an excellent deal, considering the box costs half that! I received a jar of pigment in purple, called Purple Rain. First, purple, and a Prince reference? So far, yessss…Also included was a jar of glitter in white, named Star Struck. I also got a little bottle of maracuja oil, which is my jam, and made me happy because the little bottle I had is nearly gone. In addition, I got a lipgloss called Space Kitten, in a bright fuchsia with sparkles. This, too, took me on a trip down memory lane. Anybody remember bright blue eyeliner and fuchsia lipstick? Just me? Well, that’s okay! I fully accept that I’m a woman of a particular age. 🙂

So, I’ll start with the lipgloss. I was a bit disappointed, because it turned out to be a sheer gloss. It just barely has a hint of color, and I’m not a clear gloss kinda girl. To be fair, the formula of this gloss is fantastic; even after a cup of coffee, my lips are still nice and shiny, not to mention how soft they feel. I am going to see if I can mix some with a little Purple Rain…you may have noticed that I dig a purple lipstick. I’m not sure how pigments work, but I plan to have fun and try some stuff with them!

The pigment is pretty awesome. This was my first time trying any, though I have quite a few. What was I waiting for? Purple Rain is super rich and highly saturated. It’s soft and easily blendable. I didn’t get fancy and try foiling, or anything; I just put on a lid primer and used a brush to pack some pigment onto the center of the eyelid. I was surprised that it blends out so nicely. Star Struck was a little harder to pack on, because the glitter tends to fall away. I realize, now, that I should have used my glitter glue (derp), but enough stayed on, and I always prefer a more subtle effect when I’m clueless about what I’m doing, anyway. I put it on the inner lid and in the corner. I think next time I’ll be brave and try the glue. I liked how it turned out, and will be trying different application methods.

The maracuja oil is the bomb, and my skin loves it. It’s non-greasy and quickly absorbed. The quality seems to be just as good as my more well-known brand. I’m experiencing a slight reaction and irritation from something or another I’ve tried , and this oil calmed the redness immediately, just like the other. When I woke up, all traces of redness were gone. I also like the dropper top.

Overall, Medusa’s Beauty Box is a great deal. The products are of good quality, and I got a nice variety. The only thing that didn’t wow me was the gloss, but it feels so good that I’ll still try to find a use for it. I’ll definitely be getting next month’s box! If you’d like to know more about Medusa’s Makeup and their monthly subscription box, you can find them here.

Do you subscribe to any lesser known boxes? What’s your favorite?

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