Medusa’s Makeup Vegan Beauty Box Review March 2017

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Okay, my response is starting to be a bit Pavlovian when these padded envelopes arrive. If I had a tail, it would wag every time my mailman dropped one off! Today, I’m sharing my Medusa’s Makeup sub box…let’s see its contents, shall we?

Eye Dust in Wasabe

Since I’ve started trying my hand at using pigments, I’ve been excited about every new jar I get… the same goes for this one. Wasabe is indeed as vivid a green as its name would imply. It was love at first sight. The color saturation is impressive, and it stands out even when blended out and on bare skin.

Stick It! eye primer

I’m impressed by the long list of pure ingredients. This primer contains several different oils, but somehow manages to not be greasy. A little goes a long way, and it just takes a quick swipe with a light touch. It starts to melt with body heat, so there’s no need to dig into it. I was amazed to find out that the eye dust sticks to it extremely well. Sadly, this primer caused creasing on me. I went to pick up my little, stopped at the grocery store, and after just an hour and a half, my shadow looked a hot mess. I tried again, and this time just used Stick It! on the bottom two thirds of the lower lid, well below the crease. I went with a different primer on the rest of the lid…it worked so much better. I really like how the look below turned out. Over the Stick It!, I packed on the eye dust. I then applied eye dust to the crease and blew it out with a fluffy brush, sort of using my skin as a second color.

Lip Paint in Get Lucky

I wanted to love this lip paint. I love the color, though I wouldn’t have many occasions to wear it. It’s a shocking electric pink, and back in my clubbing days, I’d have worn it to death. Now, I’d probably pair it with a lip liner to make it more wearable. It dries to a comfortable hard matte finish, with no cracking. It stays put beautifully, and it took quite a bit of coconut oil to remove. I found application of this lip paint to be…fussy. It was streaky and patchy; it took a lot of going over to achieve full opacity. It dries rather quickly, which is a good thing, but makes it more difficult to get even coverage, and I didn’t even try blending it, though I plan to. I’m not a big fan of layering, when it comes to lip products, but I will say that despite having to lay it on thick, I didn’t experience any cracking or flaking. Coverage might not be as big an issue for lighter-colored lips, but because mine are brown and the color is so bright, any gaps or patches are very plainly visible. I’ve tried it with and without lip balm, and I plan to see if priming or powdering my lips helps with application. The wear is perfect; if I can get the application down, I’d love to have it in other colors. I would totally rock an electric orange.

Lipstick in Lydia

I’m sort of meh about this color. It’s actually a very pretty blue-toned purple, but pastels don’t look good on me. Something about a white base just doesn’t agree with my skin tone. It’s a shame, because the formula is simply incredible. Application is smooth, with no dragging or patchiness. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry at all. It dries down to a soft matte finish, and it will transfer, to an extent. The transfer isn’t horrible, though, and it isn’t a deal-breaker. I blended in a different lipstick color (Coloured Raine’s Raine Fever), and I found that makes it much more wearable for me. I think I’d have fun being dramatic and adding a black liner, too.

Overall, this month’s box wasn’t my favorite, because other than the pigment, it’s been work trying to figure out how to use everything. I feel like most of what I got required a lot of extra effort to make it wearable. I do plan to get some more lipsticks, though, just in warmer colors that are more flattering to me. I want to wear the lip paint really badly, and I’ll continue trying to make it work. If you’d like to check out Medusa’s makeup box, you can find it here.

Are there any of this month’s products you’d try? Do you ever experiment with bold colors?

Thanks for reading!

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