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Hello, all!

I thought I’d share a fun product by Meili today. I recently showcased something cool for the kiddies, but we adults need playtime, too! Because of the photos and subject matter, I’d consider this post NSFW, so, please read (and scroll) at your discretion.

That being said, I’d like to show you a couple massagers by Meili that I got the chance to try. A healthy sex life, in my opinion, is definitely one of the keys to balance. It can be a mood enhancer, a self esteem booster, and can play a part in strengthening relationship bonds. What’s considered healthy is totally up to you and your significant other.

I’ve amassed quite the collection of…ahem…marital aids, and massagers are a staple in my stash. When I first started getting them as review items, I’d always present and review them as muscle massagers, which they actually work for, and were actually tested as, but was not my intended use. Since then, I figure we’re all grown here, so I now say it like I mean it, and have removed the shame from my game. Hey, it is what it is.

On to the goods!

These little massagers are pretty and powerful. The happy pink and green stand out nicely in my stash. I like their small size and comfortable grip. These babies have 8 speeds and 20 vibration patterns. They are cordless and can be charged via wall outlet or USB port. These vibrators work nearly three hours on a single charge. They have soft, smooth, and flexible silicone-covered heads for comfort. Their smoothness makes them a breeze to clean. They have three easy-to-use buttons, one for power, one that changes the vibration pattern, and a button that increases the strength of the vibration. An important tidbit is that they get a little warm, but don’t heat up uncomfortably with extended use. Best of all? These wands are waterproof! Woo-hoo!

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of having toys like these, or with letting your significant other know about it, you can absolutely keep it to yourself to enjoy in private. I must say, though, that they can be fun to share. First, keep in mind that men are visual creatures. Seeing you enjoy yourself can provide…let’s call it…inspiration. Additionally, the vibrations during the act can be enjoyed by all involved. Lastly, a tool like this can be fun in other ways, for instance, why not place a friendly wager on being able to endure 30 seconds of each vibration pattern? Now, there’s a bet everybody wins! Whatever you choose, there’s lots of fun to be had, and I say enjoy yourself in whatever way you see fit. If you’re interested, you can choose the color you’d like by clicking the dropdown box here.

It’s my goal to tackle subjects outside my usual element, and this was definitely that! How’d I do?

Thanks for reading!

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