Notoriously Morbid August 2017 Vanishing Cabinet Review

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Hi, all!

I’m back with August’s Vanishing Cabinet review! Before I get into it, I want to point out a couple things for the sake of transparency. As you may know if you’ve been following me on social media, I was recently selected as one of Notoriously Morbid’s affiliates! I’m honored and so excited to have been chosen as one of a group of talented and beautiful artists. I wanted to let you know, first, because I’m positively chuffed about it, but also because my NM posts now contain affiliate codes. This means you can save 15% on your order with code koolklawz15! As always, you can view my full disclosure here. So, now, on to the goods!

This month’s Vanishing Cabinet is themed Father of Zombies, in tribute to George A. Romero. I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched Night of the Living Dead more times than I can count, and it’s still one of my favorite zombie movies. I’ve seen all the others, too, but NLD was my first zombie flick and one of my first horror movies, period.

This VC includes three shadows, a Slumber Salve, and a highlighter.

The Slumber Salve is called Rotten Roots, and has a light and very pleasant wintergreen scent. I was surprised, because mint is not my thing, but it isn’t overwhelming in the least.

The highlighter is Monster Within, a white-based lavender with gold shimmer that almost gives it a golden shift.

No More Room In Hell – a slightly grayed lavender with gold sparks

I Need The Humans – a brilliant yellow gold

Blue-collar Monsters – a Prussian blue with silver sparks

Top to bottom: No More Room In Hell, I Need The Humans, Blue-collar Monsters, Monster Within


Top to bottom: No More Room In Hell, I Need The Humans, Blue-collar Monsters, Monster Within

So far, I’ve done a couple looks using this month’s VC. The first is a look for a bridal collaboration. These colors lent themselves surprisingly well to a softer look.

I used a base of Logic Boy and Teacher in Tweed for the crease. I used I Need The Humans on the inner lid and lower lash line. No More Room in Hell was on the lid, and Blue-collar Monsters on the outer corner and lower lash line. I put a little Monster Within on my brow bone and inner tear duct, then used it to highlight over Skin blush. My lips are Resurrection Sinister Sprite over Under the Moonspell.

The second is more my own style. I applied all three shadows once again, but applied them in a diagonal pattern, starting with Blue-collar Monsters on the inner lid, No More Room in Hell in the center and lower lash line, and I Need the Humans on the outside and lower lash line. I used Monster Within again, this time with Church Kiss as my blush. My lips here are Tears of a Unicorn Changeling top coat over This is my Boomstick.

The verdict? I am really happy with this month’s Vanishing Cabinet! Like I said, I absolutely love George A. Romero, but when I think zombie, I think gray. When I think gray, I think ashy. The one slightly grayed out shadow, No More Room in Hell, still appears lavender on me, and Monster Within, which has a prominent white base, isn’t ashy-looking on me, either! The lavender and blue appear somewhat similar on me, but are much more distinct in person. I’m so impressed with this VC, and that the colors are vivid, but muted enough to capture that zombie vibe without being a sea of monochrome gray. I find it to be very well done. You can find more information about Notoriously Morbid and the Vanishing Cabinet here, and don’t forget that code koolklawz15 saves you money! 🙂

What did you think of this month’s Vanishing Cabinet theme? Were there any colors you liked?

Thanks for reading!

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