Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics: Attempting a “Subdued” #FOTD

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Hi, all!

I did this face a couple weeks ago, when I decided I wanted to try a “normal” look. I’m never comfortable with average, everyday makeup, because, simply put, I’m just not a normal kinda gal. Typically, my makeup style swings between rave-ready and mosh pit chic.

I was able to pick up a blogger package from Notoriously Morbid, and while I generally choose some wild and funky colors, I ended up with perfect shades for what I wanted to attempt. I received a total of four pigments and a blush.

The shadows I received were:

He’s Going Through Changes, a matte shade described as a warm, gingery peach. On me, it pulled a bit more brown than peach, and as it turns out, I really like this color as a base, which is how I used it for this look.

Won’t be Heard, also matte, and described as a warm greige. On me, it looks more like a slate, almost charcoal gray. While I wear silver all the time, I don’t remember ever wearing a gray shadow, because I’m not quite sure what to do with it, but it turns out I really like this one and will be adding other gray shades to my stash.

Bright Lights! Bright Lights!, a warm camel color with gold sparkle and a red shimmer. This shade is from the December 2016 Vanishing Cabinet, and I was so excited to get it, since it was released before I discovered NM. This shade is gorgeous, and I already have plans to pair it with He’s Going Through Changes for another look.

The Wicca Wonder( which I used here, and was part of the November 2016 Vanishing Cabinet) is a deep purple with a metallic flash and sparkles. It’s easily my most-used shade, because I use it as shadow and liner, so I am happy for this dupe, especially since it’s no longer available as overstock.

Douglas Firs is a gorgeous green that holds a special place as my first NM lemming. Because I’m trying to keep it muted, it’s not included in today’s look, but will be featured in an upcoming post.

Lastly, I received a blush in the color Skin. Skin is described as a semi-matte neutral rose. I’d looked at it on the site, since I love the formula and pigmentation of Carrie’s blushes. I hadn’t grabbed it, though. As a brown-skinned beauty, I tend to get a little worried when I see shades with names like “flesh” or “nude”, and the name Skin evoked that same concern about whether it’d be a wearable shade for me. I love it! To my delight, it suits me perfectly, and is easily the most subtle and natural blush shade I own.
Here’s the look I did.


He’s Going Through Changes – base
Won’t Be Heard – transition
Bright Lights! Bright Lights! – inner lid, brow bone, lower lid
The Wicca Wonder – crease, outer lid, lower lid, and foiled as liner


Skin – blush
I Burn, I Pine, I Perish – highlighter


Burnt Flowers Mystic Matte

So, that’s my attempt at a regular, everyday look. I probably crossed the “normal” line with the winged liner, but it’s still more subtle than my usual black liner, I think. Oddly, I still feel more self-conscious wearing this low-key look than with my regular out-there style, but I’m feeling slightly more confident in my ability to tone things down, should the need arise. If you’d like to take a look at all the goodies Notoriously Morbid offers, you can check them out here.

How’d I do? Would you consider this an everyday look?

Thanks for reading!

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