Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics Haul and Review

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Hi, all!

You may have noticed I have a new and growing obsession with Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics. I wanted to try more pretties outside of my Vanishing Cabinet subscription. NM’s range of colors and finishes is mind-blowing, so I chose a few new toys to play with and thought I’d share. This post includes a combination of two orders, placed within a day of each other because I may have a problem. 🙂 The NM site isn’t the easiest to navigate, so I’ll try to include where I found anything you might have to dig for. There are also a couple LE shades, so I’ll note those, as well. This post is long and a little picture-heavy, so grab your coffee and relax a spell!

The first item was this Night Kiss Lip Balm, which I blame for starting this whole chain of events. When I received my first Vanishing Cabinet box, it included a coupon for a free Night Kiss lip balm. There is a nice variety of scents, and I chose Kirk, from the Your Replicator or Mine? collection. It’s described as Saurian brandy – a mixture of Grand Marnier, apricot, and grape, and it smells delicious. I like its oval shape, which fits the lips perfectly and takes just a couple passes to put on. These balms aren’t sticky but still have staying power, and contain beeswax and a good number of nourishing oils.

I got a blush, too. I first tried one of Notoriously Morbid’s blushes in February’s Vanishing Cabinet subscription box, and you may remember how much I loved Tempestuous. I was eager to try another, so I picked up Promised to the Dead. PttD can be described as a deep berry. It’s extremely pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I no longer see it on the website, and believe it was part of a recently discontinued collection.

I also grabbed a few Mystic Matte lippies. They were:

Wiccan Friend – a blackened emerald green. Because green. 🙂

13 Black Rainbows – black with a blue sheen and rainbow sparkles. Mmmmph. There’s so much pretty in here!

Rune – the quintessential pitch black matte.

Lastly, there were the pigments:

Kill Us Both Spock – yellow with a blue-green duochrome shift and sparkles. This is one of the “Slay Me” alternate finish shades. This pigment is the only one of the bunch that I found a bit chalky. It seems somehow drier and more powdery than the others, but is still easily buildable.

Breaking Porcelain – a bright blue base with a duochrome shifting sheen and shifting sparkles. This was the March 2017 color of the month, and is no longer available.

The Wicca Wonder – a deep royal purple with a metallic sheen and sparkles. This shade was part of November’s Vanishing Cabinet, and I picked it up in the VC Overstock section before it sold out.

Scotland the Brave – a metallic green with shifting sparkles.

#basic – a blackened gold shimmer. Anything but basic. This was a limited-time gift with purchase.

Tainted Love – a deep purple with pink and blue sparkles. Leans slightly more red than The Wicca Wonder. This was the February color of the month and is no longer available.

Spring Maiden – a light mauve with blue sparkles and red and green shimmer. This soft color isn’t in my usual wheelhouse, but I want to start adding softer colors and transition shades to my typically bright, bold, in-your-face repertoire…but it had to have at least a little flash! 🙂

Silent Samurai – a deep blue with a purple sheen and red and blue sparkles. This color has been resurrected for a limited time and is available through the end of the month.

I picked some beauts, didn’t I? I’m loving all the goodies in my haul. I also love the fact that almost all Notoriously Morbid’s products come in budget-friendly sizes and can be purchased in sample size, minis, or full size. I believe the pigment samples come in little baggies, but I get the minis, because they come in little jars. I also like them for the little themed labels (y’all know I’m a big kid).

The jars don’t come with sifter tops, so, whatever you do, be careful opening them! At first, I was disappointed that they didn’t have sifters, but I’ve since learned that it’s easier to control the amount of pigment. I got a little palette and spatula set that works perfectly. Nearly everything I got was a mini, because my funds are limited, and also because with pigment, a little goes a long way. The same with the lippies; I can’t think of the last time I finished a tube, so I figure, why not get more pretties to play with?

The verdict:

Everything I got, from blush, to pigment, to lipstick, has incredible color saturation. I need more NM highlighters in my life, and that’s my next project, after the order (okay, two) currently on the way to me. The matte lipsticks have a formula I really like. They’re blendable, and have more of a satiny matte finish. They aren’t drying, and they don’t do any of the weird things that some hard mattes do, like beading or cracking. There is a small amount of transfer, but they’re comfortable to wear and totally opaque. I actually prefer this finish to a hard matte. The pigments feel soft and satiny as well, with the one exception being Spock , which is slightly drier but no less intense. I absolutely love that each product has noted on the label whether it is eye- and/or lip-safe.

Here’s a look I did using some of these beauties. I also used I Burn, I Pine, I Perish, the highlighter from February’s VC.

#basic – inner lid, browbone
The Wicca Wonder – upper lid, liner
Tainted Love – crease, outer corner
I Burn, I Pine, I Perish – inner corner, browbone

13 Black Rainbows

Promised to the Dead – cheeks
I Burn, I Pine, I Perish – highlight

Though I don’t know what I’m doing, I still rather like the result. I do welcome all your tips and helpful hints, though! I was happy to get a compliment from my harshest critic, my teen daughter, who thinks everything her fossil of a mother does is lame, lol. So, I’m happy with my pretties, and I definitely see what all the buzz is about. It’s also fitting that I consider myself notoriously morbid, as well. If you stop by the site, be sure to check out this month’s Resurrection shade, which is a color brought out of retirement for a limited time each month, as well as the color of the month. You can explore the site here.

Are any of these colors you’d wear? What are your favorites?

Thanks for reading!

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