Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics March 2017 Vanishing Cabinet Review

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Hi, all!

I’m back with this month’s Vanishing Cabinet. For anyone unfamiliar, the Vanishing Cabinet is Notoriously Morbid‘s beauty subscription box featuring a new pop culture theme each month. It contains 4-5 products, most often minis, but with the occasional full-size item. It also includes a coupon for a free product with future purchase. Last month, the free gift was a lip balm in your choice of flavors. This month’s is a Mystic Matte sample. It costs $13.25 USD per month, shipped, and $20 shipped internationally.

This month’s theme is The Neverending Story. While I’ve never been that into fantasy, this is a movie I’ve seen several times, and it brings back fond childhood memories. In addition, this month’s goodies are duochrome! Next to holographic, duochrome is my favorite finish, so this box was an even bigger deal for me. The VC this month includes three pigments and a Mystic Matte lipstick. I found this particularly exciting because I’m on the waitlist for the Mystic Monthly subscription and was curious about their lippies. In case you’re wondering, the Mystic Monthly includes a Mystic Matte lipstick and another lip product. I may also have a couple Mystic Mattes on the way to me in a recent order. Okay, several. Annnd, there may have been a few orders. Oops!


Luck Dragon

A white base with a blue shift that looks pink in some lighting. I tried repeatedly to capture the shift in this beauty with no success. It’s almost ethereal when the light hits it the right way.

Swamp of Sadness

Shifts turquoise to gold, with the occasional flash of green. Turquoise is always a favorite of mine, and the mermaid-ish quality of this one is gorgeous.

Great Warrior

Brown to red to gold. This brown is a stunner, and the flashes of color give it an depth that I don’t often see in brown…I find it captivating.

Moon Child

A peachy nude lipstick with a strong pink shift. I want to love this shade, but it doesn’t look good on me. It thought it might work when wet, but it lightens as it dries down, and I had a Tyrone Biggums moment (and a few giggles) until I added a darker shade to it. The formula is amazeballs; it’s on the thin side, so it dries fairly quickly, and feels like nothing on my lips. It’s very blendable, and doesn’t crack, despite the hard matte finish. I’ll still be using it to mix with other shades and practice some new-to-me techniques.

Overall, I’m pleased with this month’s selections, despite the lip color, which will still be getting used. The pigments are advertised as duochromes, but the majority of these actually have a multichrome effect. I see at least three colors in each one. Despite how stunning these shades are, these pigments are all very wearable, and if you can pull off Moon Child, it fits into this month’s VC perfectly. The colors are work-appropriate, but can be made dramatic, as well.

So, now you understand my Tyrone Biggums mention, hahaha. As an aside, I found out after writing this post that Dave Chappelle has just released two comedy specials on Netflix. 2!!! I’m a huge fan, and will be checking them both out! Back to the business at hand, the Vanishing Cabinet is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions. The range of colors and the quality of everything I’ve tried is exceptional. There is a waitlist for both the Vanishing Cabinet and Mystic Monthly of approximately a month, but Notoriously Morbid keeps plenty of other pretties in stock, and there are sometimes VC overstock items available, as well. A tip: All subscription information can be found at the very bottom of the main page. Just tap “More information”, then “Subscriptions”. You can find Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics here.

Are any of these colors that you’d wear? In what ways do you use pigments?

Thanks for reading!

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