Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics Vanishing Cabinet February 2017

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Hi, all!

So, you already know. Subscription. Addiction. And, yes, I’ve found another one! The Vanishing Cabinet is a themed monthly subscription box from Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics, a cruelty-free indie brand I discovered via Instagram. What caught my eye were the colors and finishes they offer. Given my love of all things bright and colorful, and with a touch of gothic flavor in the mix, I’d say it was pretty much inevitable that I’d be drawn to the brand. For $13.25 USD per month, you get 4-5 mini- to full-size products in the Vanishing Cabinet. This month’s theme was “Make Anyone Cry Today?”, based on the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, and as I always loved Heath Ledger, I thought this a fitting introduction. I’ll leave more details about this subscription below, but now, let’s take a look a look at what I got!

Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True is a pretty matte lilac pigment that is perfect for spring and summer. I’m obsessed with special finishes, but the more I learn, the more I come to appreciate a good matte shade. I’ve been investing much more often in matte shadows lately, and I like this one. I can wear it on bare skin and blend it out so it’s nearly nude, or I can do what I did in the look below and put it over a white base to make it pop. For the swatches, I used my finger on the left and a wee eyeshadow brush on the right.

Just a Bratwurst

This shade is the one that first caught my attention. It’s described as a satin cool taupe base with purple and silver shimmer. On me, it comes off a shimmery purple-brown, and has that pretty/ugly quality that I absolutely love. This is a color that could easily look muddy, but it doesn’t. At all. It somehow remains vivid, and could easily be a full lid color on a lazy day. Again, the left is a finger swatch and the right was done with a wet brush.

I burn, I pine, I perish

This highlighter is pretty awesome. It’s described as having an ivory base with a strong red and pink flash. I’m not all that adept at using or choosing highlighters, and with my warm undertones, I generally stick with gold shades. I tried this one on, though, and loved it…so much, in fact, that I piled it on in a way I don’t normally do with any highlighter.


This blush is described as a dark coral peach shimmer. This blush. Is. My. Jam. You may now that I’m just getting into blush. As a brown-skinned beauty, I’ve never known quite what to do with it since, well…I don’t blush. The pink or peach shades of blush that have always been the standard were never appealing. I’m not interested in looking ashy or clown-like. This shade appealed to me instantly, and I believe this is a blush that would look good on even the darkest of beauties. I must admit, I got a bit happy with the blush like I did with the highlighter, and may have ended up looking clown-like anyway, but I loved it.

The Vanishing Cabinet is priced at $13.25 USD per month and every month’s box has a cool pop culture theme. It contains 4-5 products, mostly minis, but may include a full-size product. As of late, I’m off the waitlist and excitedly awaiting the next box, which is supposed to feature duochromes. They now also offer a new Mystic Mattes subscription, dedicated to lippies, and I’m currently awaiting my turn to get on the list. I haven’t yet tried their lipstick, but if the quality of the pigments is any indication, I’m in. Even with my nearly nonexistent pigment skills, there’s been no caking or flaking, and the wear is amazing. It stays in place all day, and even helps hold on my liner when I use pencil. If you’re a pigment-lover, I think you’ll enjoy these. If my brand-new, clueless self can put these on and achieve bulletproof wear, I’d love to see what an expert could do with them. I was happy with my accomplishment, and I even went outside all done up – I’m talking full-on glow at two in the afternoon for no reason. Mostly, I was excited about being somewhat successful using pigments…I had no choice but to rock it!

Don’t be discouraged by the wait list…currently, there are still one-month trials available! The site isn’t the simplest to navigate, so I’ll leave you with a couple tips. You can find out about all Notoriously Morbid’s subscription services via the “More Information” drop down button at the very bottom of the main page. Click the “Product Description” button for payment instructions. If you’d like to find out more about this month’s Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet Subscription, you can check it out here.

Was there anything in this month’s box that you’d try? Do you have experience using pigments?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I’ve actually never tried pigments, can you believe it? I got one from Mac for my birthday, and your blog post just inspired me to actually use it! 🙂

    • They’re so much fun to play with, and there are so many ways to use them! So far, I’ve tried them dry, with glitter glue, and with a wet brush, next, I want to try one as a liner. 🙂

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