Notoriously Morbid: The Crossing No Man’s Land Collection and Birthday Haul

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Hi, all!

I recently received my birthday haul from Notoriously Morbid. Check it out!

It’s my biggest NM order yet, and to break things up a bit, I’ve decided to show you the Crossing No Man’s Land collection today. This collection is an homage to Wonder Woman and a battle scene that can only be described as epic. In fact, the No Man’s Land scene is one of the most powerful depictions of the woman warrior in film that I can recall. Let’s take a look at this surprise mini collection, that includes three shadows and a lip topper. All eyeshadow swatches were done with a dry brush on bare skin and lip topper with a disposable lip wand.

Paradise Island – a dusty lavender base with a magical green glowing duochrome. On me, this color reads a cross between lavender and periwinkle blue, depending on the lighting.

Sword to Ash – metallic burgundy with blue sheen and bronze and silver sparkle. This color, on me, looks brown with a pink sheen. This was a surprise favorite, for me, as I assumed it’d be Paradise Island, given the blue tones. Sword to Ash, though, is my ideal nude, and I plan to beg Carrie for a lippie this color very soon!

I Will Fight – metallic old gold with red to bronze shift and blue sparkles. I’m not always big on gold, simply because it’s a favorite and I have so many shades, but this one is different. Depending on what colors I wear it with and lighting, it can be orange or bronze in appearance, making it pretty unique. I don’t have any dupes for it in my stash.

Fires of Hestia Changeling top coat – a glowing orange changeling top coat with light golden shimmer. I’m new to the Changelings, and only recently got my first two, and have been obsessed. These top coats change the look of any lipstick by adding a metallic sheen in varying colors. I have the blue and turquoise Changelings, and I didn’t expect that I’d be overly excited about a gold one (you know how I sometimes balk at “traditional” colors). That this top coat is orange and not pure gold makes all the difference. It means that it doesn’t lighten my lippies too much, and besides that…it’s gorgeous! I wore it in the look below over Lilith, which I also got in my birthday haul. Lilith is described as a blackened plum red, and appears, on me, to be a rich, rusty red. I suggest always using a disposable wand for these top coats to prevent color transfer.

Top to bottom: Paradise Island, Sword to Ash, I Will Fight, Fires of Hestia

For this look, I used Shadow Bind over a base of So Goes My Nation to make the colors stand out a bit more. I used Paradise Island on my crease, outer lid, and lower lash line, I Will Fight on the inner lid, and Sword to Ash on the upper lid and lower lash line. My blush is Skin, and my highlighter is Step Out of the Shadows. The lip is Fires of Hestia over Lilith.

Overall, this collection is the perfect tribute to that scene, the movie, and Wonder Woman herself. It includes the red and blue shades that I’ve associated with her since childhood, and all its metallic goodness, for me, reflects the heavy metal elements of her armor, especially with the antique and burnished effects that make them so appealing to me. I absolutely love this collection and what it stands for. It doesn’t seem to be available as a set any longer, but the products are available to purchase separately here.

Did you see the movie? How well do you feel this collection represents it?

Thanks for reading!

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