Notoriously Morbid May 2018 Vanishing Cabinet Review

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Hi, all!

It’s been a while, but I popped in to share the May edition of the Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet subscription. This month’s theme is “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”, a reference and homage to the TV series Riverdale. This month, the VC included a lip scrub, glitter, a lip balm, and two eyeshadows. Let’s get into it!

Archiekins – a root beer and vanilla flavored sugar scrub

I get mostly root beer, but it’s very light and inoffensive. This scrub is really nice, and doesn’t tear up my lips. I usually just exfoliate with a washcloth or paper towel because scrubs are just too rough. This scrub, though, is really thick, with just enough sugar to gently slough off any dead skin, but not so much it shreds my lips. The best part, for me, is its thick, oil-rich balm. I always get the best results from rubbing my lips together, rather than using a fingertip, which is too harsh on my lips. I put it on, and was rubbing my lips together when the phone rang. By the time I got off, the sugar and balm had both melted into my skin, and my lips felt amazing. The only cleanup I needed was a quick swipe with a tissue, and my lips were intensely moisturized, but not sticky or greasy.

V – a warm champagne glitter with a vixen pairing of yellow and sapphire

This glitter, though! It reads, to me, as a beautiful gold with holographic flash and a brilliant blue sparkle. Holo, y’all! You already know me and my holo-loving heart were all in. The sparkle is unreal.

Disclaimer: Glitter is NOT considered eye-safe by the FDA.

Blonde Bombshell – a red-tinted Sinister Sprite

This reads, on me, as a brick red wash of color. This balm is easily purse-worthy. Need a quick touch-up? A little pop of color? It’s a timeless shade and very complementary to a wide range of colors. It’s comfortable to wear, and doesn’t look horrible as it wears away. It also provides lasting moisture.

Betts – a blushing pink with a soft violet sheen and gold sparkles

On my skin, this shadow is a vivid and sparkly pinky peach. I am in love with this shade. It’s rare that a light, pastel or white-based color is so vibrant on me. Rest assured that Betts will be in my summer rotation.

Weirdo – a matte dark gray

This is the deep gray matte I’ve been dreaming of! Its color reminds me of a storm cloud, darker than dove gray, but not as dark as charcoal. This is the perfect color to blend things out when black is just too harsh.

Top to bottom: V, Blonde Bombshell, Betts, Weirdo


Top to bottom: V, Blonde Bombshell, Betts, Weirdo

Here’s a look I did using the Vanishing Cabinet and other Notoriously Morbid products:


Chamber contour powder (d/c) – base

So Goes My Nation – brow bone

Weirdo – blown out from crease

Gimme Some Sugar (May ‘17 VC) – inner corner

Betts – lid (over Shadow Bind)

Misery Loves Company – foiled as liner, lower lash line

Coven Muffin – lower lash line

V – patted near wing tip


Tempestuous (February ‘17 VC) – blush

Kasdeya (Dying Light pressed highlighter palette) – highlighter

The End Finishing Powder


Blonde Bombshell Sinister Sprite


It’s been something of a tough time, so I’m elated to be getting the VC again. I’m really happy with this one and the range of products included. This is a really great welcome back, in my opinion. If you’re interested in signing up for the Vanishing Cabinet or Mystic Monthly subscriptions, you can find the information here. In other news, I’m now a Morbid Maven, so I no longer have an affiliate discount code, but you can find one by searching the hashtag “nmaffiliate” across social media.

I haven’t stopped creating looks, and am most active on Instagram, though I share to Facebook, as well. You can find my page here. If you’re into wax, you can find my wax page here. If you’re interested in what I’m up to, you can follow me on either, and my plan is to post here more regularly. Feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!


What do you think of this month’s Vanishing Cabinet? Are you a a Riverdale fan?

Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate you for sticking with me and stopping by! ❤️







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