Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet June 2017

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Hi, all!

This month marks the 3-year anniversary of Notoriously Morbid‘s Vanishing Cabinet! In celebration, the June VC is a deluxe version, containing 7 items, as opposed to the usual 4. This being my birth month made it feel extra special for me, and it did not disappoint! This month’s theme is “Worst. Heroes. Ever.”, inspired by the movie – you guessed it – Suicide Squad! Yesss! On to the deets…

The price of this month’s Vanishing Cabinet is just slightly higher than normal, due to the extras. It included 4 eyeshadows, a lip balm, a Mystic Matte, and a highlighter. I’ll start with the shadows, which contain a special higher-grade mica than the usual. That these eyeshadows are special is evident when you see the intense sparkle. The shadows are swatched over Shadow Bind, and the lipstick and highlighter on bare skin. I’m terrible with descriptions, but here’s what I see!

Asset Relocation Specialist – a rich, shifty turquoise with gold overlay. You already know. This was complete and utter love at first sight. I can’t even describe the richness and depth of this color. Summertime favorite…check.

Here’s to Honor – intense, violet-leaning red with tons of sparkle.

Stench of Death – blackened brown with shifting copper sparkle

Ain’t You Scared? – a warm sand with gold sparkle

Step Out of the Shadows – a champagne highlighter with intense gold sheen. Holy oh em gee. This highlighter is beautiful, blinding, and all kinds of fabulous. I have a few other highlighters to review, but I can’t seem to put this one down. Or wear it with any sense, because I’ve been walking around blinding people for no reason. At the grocery store, picking up a pizza, at the doctor’s office, I’ve got Step Out on my face. I can’t wear it with any subtlety… I want to bathe in it, and I try my best.

Night Kiss Lip Balm in Lose Control – cinnamon sangria caramel. I like Night Kiss balms because they’re fragranced, but not flavored, so I don’t constantly lick my lips. This scent is the perfect balance of fragrances at the ideal strength. I smell all three components, and though I’m not a huge cinnamon fan, I find this combination unexpected and unique. None of the scents is overwhelming, and they play very well together.

Stay Evil, Dollface – oxblood Mystic Matte. Now, y’all know I don’t care anything about a red lipstick. This red is perfect on everyone I’ve seen wear it. Every. Single. Person. This is one sexy-azz lipstick. It has a flat matte finish, which I find refreshing, since every lippie I’ve chosen for myself lately has some kind of glitter, sparkle, or shift. This is a classic, and I love it. It’s got the typical Notoriously Morbid formula, and is more workable than the typical matte. It does transfer a bit, but lasts for hours and fades away evenly as it wears.

Just look at them in action!

Here’s a look I did:

Ain’t You Scared? – inner lid, lower lash line
Here’s to Honor – outer lid, lower lash line
Logic Boy – base
Gypsy Curse – transition
Teacher in Tweed – crease

Step Out of the Shadows – brow bone, inner corner, highlighter

Promised to the Dead – blush

Stay Evil, Dollface – lips

Overall, I’m beyond impressed with this month’s Vanishing Cabinet, and it does indeed feel like a special gift…totally birthday-worthy! Between the colors, sparkle, and unique combinations, I’d consider this one epic, and I’m incredibly happy with it. Best. VC. Ever! There’s currently a waitlist of about a month for the Vanishing Cabinet subscription, but you can learn more about signing up here. You can also keep an eye out for any possible VC overstock here.

What’d you think of this month’s Vanishing Cabinet? Were there any standouts for you?

Thanks for reading!

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