Ozeri Duckymeter Bathtub Thermometer

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The Duckymeter is a bathtub toy, a rubber ducky, with a built-in thermometer. This is perfect for moms of small children, and an excellent safety measure. It stays afloat and is fun for kids to play with. I love a hot bath for relaxation, and I prefer the water scalding hot, whether bath or shower. My doctor recommended a temperature no higher than 110°, for anyone, but especially me, because of my eczema. I ran a bath like I normally do, and put in the rubber ducky. It was nearly 150°! Well, no wonder I have so many flare-ups! The display on the ducky’s back is blue when the water’s too cold, red when it’s too hot, and green when it’s just right. The size of the display is easy to read. In the week or so I’ve kept my bathing temperature down, I’ve already noticed less itching, and fewer scaly patches, so doc was right on. For showering, I simply place the Duckymeter under the stream for a reading before getting in.

My rating: 10/10

If you’d like to check out the Duckymeter, you can find it at Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, or Sears

Is bath temperature a concern for you? Did you know there was a recommended temperature? Look for more gift ideas and stocking stuffer suggestions soon…

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