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My dry skin issues are no secret, and oil is essential (see what I did there?). Jojoba is one oil that remains in my regimen year-round. This jojoba oil by Purest Naturals is high-quality. It’s clear, has a hint of gold, and is odorless. My skin loves this oil, and absorbs it almost instantly. It’s good for mixing with my other beauty products, and is one of a handful of oils I can put directly on my face without a breakout. I’ve been using jojoba faithfully for the last couple years, and the quality of this one is just as good as some much more expensive brands I’ve tried.

Jojoba oil is good for hair, skin, and nails, and I’ve used this one with essential oils to make my own cuticle blends. I’ve also mixed it with coconut oil and brown sugar for use as a lip scrub. It’s been a harsh Midwest winter, and, after showering, I combine this jojoba oil with a thicker barrier oil to lock it into my skin. Currently, coconut and castor oils are working best for me as barriers. This method is working well to keep the moisture in my skin even when exposed to below-freezing temperatures. I haven’t had a single eczema flare up since I’ve been using it, and during winter, that’s pretty much unheard-of. You can find this jojoba oil here.

My rating: 10/10

Do you have any winter skincare tips?


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