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Greetings, all!

I wanted to share a very cool find with you today. I recently started using essential oils. I use them for all sorts of things, including aromatherapy, cold symptom relief, pain relief, and nail growth (of course!). I was recently given the chance to try this neat little essential oil keychain set, and I like it so much, I thought I’d share. 

This is the Aroma Designs Keychain, and it comes with 8 small vials of essential oils and blends. Of the two blends included, one is for fighting off colds and general wellness, and the other is a relaxation blend. The other six vials are of oregano, peppermint, frankincense, lavender, lemon, and melaleuca (tea tree) oils. The last four are good for nail health, in case you’re wondering. 🙂


This set is small enough to put in my purse, so it’s like carrying a first aid kit. It would also work as a keychain, but I try not to weigh down my car’s steering column with large or heavy keychains (I learned that years ago, the hard way). 


In addition to the oils, this set includes droppers, a top popper tool for opening the lids of rollerball bottles to create your own blends, a vial of coconut oil for use as a carrier for topical use, and a little card with information about each oil and its uses. 


This is a great set for both beginners and seasoned users alike. Whether you love essential oils, or would like to give them a try, I think this is a good one to have. If you’re interested, you can find it here. 

Thanks for reading!

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