Review: Ryder Tools Tire Gauge

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Hello, all! 

Today, I’ve got a cool product to share. It’s more utilitarian than usual, but everybody who drives needs one…a tire gauge. If you live somewhere likely to experience temperature extremes, this is a good tool to have. 

I’m good with electronics, but mechanics? Not so much. Even I can use this gauge, though. It’s literally as simple as pressing a button. 

It’s extremely easy to use. 


It gives a quick reading. 


It even has a light on it. 


I’ve been getting lots of use out of this gauge. I live in city with lots of potholes. It’s easier to keep an eye on my tire pressure than to change a tire on the expressway. Not to mention, a gauge is much cheaper than a tire! If you like this one, you can find it here. 

Thanks for reading!

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