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Hi, all!

I received my first Exactly box not too long ago. In case you’re not familiar, Exactly is a club that provides a free box of samples. As with most sample boxes, the products I received vary in terms of their type and usefulness. Signup entailed a quick survey, then an email notification. Let me show you what was in the box.

Aussie Mega Hairspray

I often use hairspray to style my wigs, and use it once in a while to do nail art, so as averse as I usually am to getting hair products, this is one I actually used. As it turns out, I’ll use this one for my nails, because I found it only provides light hold. It boasts 24-hour flexible hold, and I’d say that’s accurate. On the plus side, it isn’t sticky, and it doesn’t flake. It also has a light, fresh scent, and if you have use for a light spray, this is a good one.

Cascade Platinum Action Pacs in Fresh Scent

I don’t have a dishwasher, so I gave these to a friend to try and managed to score myself a good meal in the process. I look at it as dirtying some dishes to adequately test these pacs…you know, for science. 🙂 They smell strong, when opened, but don’t really leave any scent to speak of on the dishes, which is a good thing, in my opinion. They do provide a Cascade-worthy clean, as there weren’t any water spots, and my girl was happy with them.

Whoosh! Tech Hygiene Cleaning Pad

This pad does a great job of cleaning my phone. It left the screen and body free of fingerprints, and didn’t leave any lint on it, which is an improvement on my usual method of spraying a cotton ball with cleaner, which always leaves cotton fibers on the phone. While this pad was nice and would be great on the go, I don’t know that they’d be a worthwhile buy for me. It’s just not that cost-effective, in my opinion.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea

Drinking this tea reminded me of my childhood, and its flavor hasn’t changed. I’ve never been a huge fan of the taste of chamomile, but it is soothing, and it made for a relaxing treat at the end of a particularly long day. I actually bought a box, just because it’s a guilt-free and encourages my daughter and me to go to sleep instead of having a late night snack. It’s also good to have something herbal on hand when someone has a cold.

Now and Later Shell Shocked Sour

Nom. Nomnomnom. I’m a Now and Later fan from way back…I won’t say how far back, but back then, a pack of Now and Laters was twice the current size and cost a dime. The shell shocked variety is bite-sized, as well, but different in that it consists of chewy candies in a harder shell. This (of course) was my favorite item in the box, and my daughter enjoyed them, too. They’re tart, but not extremely sour, which I like. I’ve seen them in the stores since, but haven’t bought any, because I’ve only seen the large bags. If I see the smaller sizes, like this one, I’ll definitely pick some up, but it’s not a good idea for us to have a bag that big around here.

I also got a few coupons, including one for a free e-book, which I’ll likely use, and one for a free bra from a bra subscription service, which I probably won’t. Overall, I thought this box was okay, but there was nothing particularly exciting in it. With the exception of the candy, which was a full “share size” package, all the items were singles or sample-sized. On the plus side, I got to try everything, and even better, it was free. My favorite things were the candy and rediscovering the tea. Signup is currently closed, but apparently they reopen it several times a year. The next box is scheduled for July, and from what I understand, there’ll be an email with a link to confirm interest. Though signup isn’t open now, you can check periodically for the survey link here.

What’d you think of this box? Did you see anything you might use?

Thanks for reading!

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