Rouge Candles White Unscented Tealight Candles (pack of 100)

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Hi, all!

These tealights by Rouge Candles are probably my favorites. Candlelight makes me happy, and there’s something about it that I find so calming. In addition, candlelight is also great for ambiance, whether for a meal or simply some time together with the hubby. This box comes with 100 tealights. 100! I was a little leery of the quality, simply because there are so many, but I’ve been happily setting the mood since they got here, and the house smells simply amazing.

I’m extremely sensitive to smell, and often give away my candles, not because of the main fragrance, but because of the underlying chemical odor of the wax or wicks. These are very clean-burning, and don’t have that odd chemical smell, either during burning or when they’re blown out. In my experience, they burn 30-60 minutes longer than their advertised burn time of 4 hours. I’d wholeheartedly recommend these for your holiday votives, or as a gift for your friends who like potpourri. If you’re on a budget, there are 100 (100!), so you can also split them up to give as tokens or parting gifts to your guests.

Y’all know I’m a beauty on a budget, right? The little votives in the photo are from my favorite local dollar store, and come in a set of three for a dollar. Being thrifty doesn’t mean you can’t be fabulous!

Are you into candles? Do you use them on the regular or just on occasion?

You can find these tealights here.

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