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With the holidays upon us, I thought I’d share another item that I think would make a great gift. This pashmina shawl by RuSong is my current jam. You may know by now that I just love a wrap, and I wasn’t disappointed by this one. It’s very soft on the skin, and is lightweight, but it has a tight weave, so it actually does a decent job of blocking the wind. It’s a long rectangular piece of fabric, and has two cutouts for the arms. It’s yarn-stitched around the edges, so there’s no fraying.



This cape is color blocked in red, burgundy, black, and tan. The colors are just perfect for fall. There are lots of colors and patterns to choose from, but I chose this one because I’ve always had a thing for red and khaki together. Burgundies, browns, and greens are my favorite fall colors, and this piece works well with any of them. It was a little linty, at first, but washing took care of it. It doesn’t get fuzzy or pill in the wash, which is a relief. Another cool thing is that it’s reversible. On the opposite side, you can see the weave, and the colors have a more muted effect.



I’ve worn this piece as a scarf, a shawl, and a cape, so it’s extremely versatile. My favorite is as a cape, because I love the added bit of drama, dahhh-ling. 🙂 I get so many compliments on this shawl, and I love the ability to style it as I choose. As the days get colder, I wear and appreciate this piece more and more. I wear it with all sorts of things. Jeans, skirts, heels, gym shoes…everything’s elevated a notch with this baby wrapped around me! You can see this shawl and all the other variations here.


How would you style this shawl?

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