The Scented Squirrel Haul and Review

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Hi, all!

I recently picked up my very first order from The Scented Squirrel and thought I’d share my review. My beautiful and generous glitter sisters have been taking excellent care of my need for new makeup pretties with their epic destashes. Since I happily have new makeup to play with, my spending habits have taken a different turn…indie wax! I love wax, and have used it all day, everyday for a few years now.

Admittedly, I’m a”basic bish”, as far as wax, and most often use the Glade Febreze Gain scent. I generally buy my wax at Walmart, for the convenience, and also because I have a hard time finding indie fragrances strong enough for my liking. I’ve tried a few indie waxes, because I really do want to buy cleaner products, for my body and my surroundings, but they’re seldom as strong as more chemical fragrances, and my apartment, while small, has a great deal of open space. Also, with indies, there is a mind-blowing variety, and I really just didn’t know where to begin. I’d been seeing a few of my wax-loving friends posting about The Scented Squirrel, and, since they were having a sale (and it was the last night), I thought I’d give them a try. I’ll admit, it was a 3 a.m. impulse purchase, but I have insomnia and sciatica, and a lot of sleepless nights as a result, so this happened.

My shots arrived very well protected in bubble wrap and a large padded envelope. I’ll spare you photos of each one, and will suffice it to say that they are cute and conveniently packaged. I love the little plastic cups they come in, as well as the little labels containing the fragrance descriptions and pour dates. I will note that each one contained glitter, since I’ve noticed some people don’t care for it. Me, I’m always about the sparkle, so it only made me more excited. I have only three warmers, and they’re each smooth and fairly shallow, with no divots or crevices, so cleaning is easy. A little extra wiping is not an issue for me, but I could see how, if you had a warmer that wasn’t as easy to clean, that might be a big deal. I have one tealight warmer that I use in the bathroom. I used my Glade warmer, since it’s my most powerful, for the purpose of trying out my new wax. For cutting, I use this serrated steel blade, which works beautifully for hard soaps as well as wax.

Here are the fragrances I picked up. I’ve noted the cold sniff of each, how it smells when warmed, and its strength.


Country Roads (fresh cedar, patchouli, lavender, effervescent clove, eucalyptus):
(C) balsamic and slightly spicy
(W) like woods full of evergreens

The Alps (blue sugar, mandarin, bergamot, crisp alpine air, black pepper, cardamom, vetiver, mountain birch, teakwood):
(C) crisp, clean, and sweet without being too food-y
(W) smells like a mountain lake and really does remind me of a snowy day outdoors

Spell Book (lavender, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, rose):
(C) woodsy, slightly floral
(W) musk, powdery, and slightly sweet

The Seducer (cannabis rose, bergamot, lemon, olive flower, amber, tonka bean, guiac woods):
(C) a slightly sweet citrus floral
(W) soft and floral

First Frost (English ivy, musk, sandalwood, winter flowers):
(C) a fresh and woodsy floral
(W) musky, sweet, faintly floral

Velvet Violets (velvet sugar, violets):
(C) a sweet, lush floral that I find very romantic
(W) still evokes memories of sweet, night-blooming flowers

Mermaids (ocean mint, sea moss, cyclamen, geranium, water mint, coriander seed, white cedarwood, vetiver):
(C) very oceanic
(W) salt water and a scent I associate with rotting seaweed

Peace of Mind (herbal lavender, sea salt blossom):
(C) very soft but fresh lavender scent
(W) mild and relaxing lavender, slightly floral

Lavender Sandalwood & Rosemary Mint:
(C) fresh and clean, with an almost citric tartness
(W) slightly woodsy and herbal without being food-y

Sweet Embrace (sweet lavender , vanilla cotton):
(C) a sweet, soft lavender scent
(W) slightly floral with a hint of powder

Tranquility (lemon slices, cannnabis flowers, white tea):
(C) citrus with a barely-there floral undertone
(W) herbal, floral, and citrus notes all present

Apple Butter Caramel & Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (sample):
(C) very sweet-smelling, with the most prominent notes being caramel, apple, and cinnamon
(W) smells just faintly like cookies baking

Brown Sugar Cookies & Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel:
(C) buttery caramel
(W) salted caramel cookies, faint alcohol scent

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my order, the quality of the wax, and the fragrances. Of my entire order, there was only one that I didn’t like, Mermaids. It really does have a marine fragrance, including a note that I’ve always associated with rotting seaweed. I don’t doubt that many people would love it…it’s just not for me. My absolute favorite is Spell Book, which has a strong aroma of incense, but is tempered beautifully with sweet florals and a slight powdery note. Some of the lighter fragrances I cut in half, but some are strong enough to be cut in thirds.

The Scented Squirrel restocks on the first Saturday of each month, and will restock today at noon EST! The listings are already up for browsing, and I’m about to go make my list. I’m very happy with my haul and have made my way through most of it, and will be a repeat customer very shortly! For updates and restock information, you can find The Scented Squirrel’s Facebook group here, and you can shop here.

Is there anything that piques your curiosity? What are your favorite fragrances?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for this fantastic text!
    I hope you get well soon of the insomnia and sciatica. You dont deserve it.
    You inspire me a lot sister!
    I learn a lot reading your post
    God bless you a lot dear

    • God bless you, too, beautiful, and thank you! I’ll be fine, I just keep doing my physical therapy, and I feel like I’m slowly getting better. It’s taking time, but it’s not as bad as it was. Hugs to you, and I pray you’re doing well, yourself, love. 🙂

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