Shiro Cosmetics Haul and Review

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Hi, all!

Yes, more birthday goodies to share, and today I’m sharing a review of my little Shiro haul! In case you aren’t familiar, Shiro Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty-free indie brand specializing in makeup inspired by all things nerdy. I’m not a fanatic of any particular franchise, but I do love all manner of geekery, in general, so I’d been wanting to try them for a while. I picked up a sample set of pigments I allowed them to choose their favorites for me – I just picked my preferences: mattes, metallics, duochromes, and brights. I tried to group them by color, but the duochromes tricked me a couple times, as they looked totally different on the skin than in the bag…whoops! All swatches were done with a dry brush on bare skin. I’ll show you what I ended up with!

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. – metallic true yellow gold. This really is a true yellow gold, and somehow fairly unique in my collection, despite all the gold I have.

Triforce – pure shimmering yellow gold with bright golden flecks. The flecks in this pigment pick up the light beautifully, and create quite the intense glow.

I Choose…Sandwich. – smooth, satiny yellow orange. Oh, gosh, yes. This color is vibrant, intense, and opaque.

I Loved a Maid – green-shifting gold over a base of softened Lannister crimson. On me, this color reads peach with a strong golden shift.

Sometimes Words Are Not Enough – rich matte caramel. This is the perfect base shade for me.

We Can Find Out Anything – matte burnt umber. On me, this is a warm and rich red-toned brown.

Mother of Dragons – silvered royal purple over a blood red base. Who doesn’t like a GoT reference?

That’s Chess – lightly metallic golden tan overlaid on a deep base of Gryffindor crimson. On me, this one reads a purplish taupe with a gold shimmer.

The Last Homely House – reddened brown with strong forest green shimmer. This color is the ideal one-and-done shade for a subtle, office-ready look.

Standouts in this group, for me, are I Choose…Sandwich., We Can Find Out Anything, and The Last Homely House.


Who Needs Reasons? – pale gray blue with such a pink shift. I like that this shade has a light blue base, as I have several shadows and highlighters with a white base and the same shift.

Metamorphmagus – medium, slightly desaturated blurple base with shifting shades of bubblegum pink, blue, and violet. This shade seems subtle, at first glance, but flashes beautifully with movement.

Little Brother – strongly metallic mid-toned silver. I’m so leery of silver, but I really like that this one doesn’t make me look ashy, even when blended out.

A Fell Voice on the Air – bold iris purple with a strong green/aqua shift and gold sparks. This combination of shift and sparkle is unique to my collection.

Slam-Bam in a Can! – bright royal blue packed with flecks of green. I like this one because I can wear it opaque or blended out; generally, blending out blue on my yellow undertones makes it look more green, but the color stays true.

A Shadow and a Threat – deepsea teal with violet shift and aqua glitter. The dramatic shift in this shade is a stunner.

Maiden Queen – the brilliant emerald of Highgarden, with bright aqua shimmer and golden-rose sparks. This aqua is beautifully opaque and intense.

Born to Make History – vibrant spring green with near-metallic turquoise overlay and cobalt sparkles. This reads more blue than green on me.

My favorites in this group are A Shadow and a Threat, Maiden Queen, and A Fell Voice on the Air.

I’m so impressed with Shiro, and so many things strike me about these pigments. The intensity of these shades is nearly mystifying; it’s rare that I find a pastel, or a lighter shade, in general, that isn’t some form of gray on my dark skin. Keep in mind, too, that these were swatched with no primer or fixative whatsoever. Also notable is the finely milled and buttery smooth formula. This is most apparent in the matte shades, which aren’t the least bit chalky or streaky. They’re completely opaque, but so easily blended. I find this most notable in the yellows, which are notorious for being troublesome. I totally understand the buzz, and look forward to my next purchase. If you’d like to check out all that Shiro has to offer, you can find them here.

Have you tried Shiro Cosmetics before? Why didn’t you TELL me? 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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