Silico-App Original SiliSponge Review

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Hi, all!

I recently received these silicone makeup applicators to try out and review. I simply washed them using castile soap and went to work. The applicators are small but comfortable to hold.

I used heavier foundations in both these looks. I generally use 3-4 pumps for my face and neck. Using one of these applicators, it took a single pump for my entire face, and, while I needed another pump for my neck, I didn’t use all the foundation on the applicator. Application was easy, and this tool spreads the foundation evenly. I used a concealer that doesn’t normally play well with this particular foundation, but blending it was effortless. I even used the applicator to highlight, and found it did a good job of creating thin lines and blending them out.

I did find a couple cons, for which I knock my rating down a notch. The first is that the outer edges of these applicators have seams on them that can feel uncomfortable on the more delicate areas of the face. This basically happens during highlighting or undereye application, when I need the applicator’s outer edge. My other issue is that using the applicator seems to make my foundation cling to any dry patches or blemishes, even after exfoliation. I think this is because it sheers out the makeup so much. Those problem areas require a bit of extra coverage. I find I get better, smoother results when I mist my face with some rose water or orange blossom toner before applying foundation.

I like that this silisponge requires very little makeup; it’s definitely a foundation saver! Application is different from my normal blender, as it requires a rubbing motion, as opposed to the tapping motion I’m used to. I get better results each time I use it, though. I’m determined to nail it, especially if it means stretching my higher-end foundations! I’ve been practicing with my cheapies until I get it down pat.  You’ll see both these looks again in upcoming posts…I’m all about the recycling!

If you’ve been curious about these silicone applicators, you can find out more about them here. As a bonus, you can use my code, TaShyra1, for a 20% discount, good until the end of March! If you try it, I’d love to know what you think, and if you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear those, too!

Have you ever tried a silicone applicator? How’d it work for you?

Thanks for reading!

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