Sour Ground: Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet Review April 2017

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Hi, all!

This month’s Vanishing Cabinet is one I’ve been salivating for ever since the hint was given in last month’s. “Death is a mystery, and burial is a secret.” Whaaa!?! No way it could be…! Oh, but it is…

Pet Sematary.

Oh. Em. Gee.

This month’s theme is Sour Ground, based on that legendary and immortal (pun intended) movie. In case y’all don’t know, Stephen King was my first favorite author as a youngster. I had a predilection for horror at a very early age. My mom, who’s a retired teacher, let me read these cheesy little horror novels, because I started reading really early, like 2 or 3, and the books from school just weren’t a challenge. By 2nd grade, I was reading at a high school level, and because as an only child (and a bit of a nerd), I’d devour the books she’d bring me from school in a day or two. I was allowed to read material of a more mature nature simply because she couldn’t keep up with buying and borrowing books for me to read.

One late night, I watched Carrie, at maybe age 10 or so. I was scared to death. And I loved every. Single. Moment. I saw “Screenplay by Stephen King” in the credits, and on a biweekly trip to the bookstore, I saw the book. I begged and pleaded, and went home with Carrie, which was so much more intense than the movie. Since then, I’ve read nearly all King’s novels, with the exception of maybe three more recent ones. Pet Sematary was one of my favorite SK books, and easily makes my top five on the list of his movies, so this was a VC theme after my own dark heart. Let’s take a look at what’s in it!

Wanna Play With You – a pale peach with a pink shimmer. I really like this color, and I totally think of Gage when I see it. Pre-decomposition, of course. 🙂

Each Buries His Own – I really like this matte shade of brown that reminds me of the dirt in the burial ground on first application. As it’s blended, though, it takes on a sort of plummy quality that makes it a standout among the browns in my stash.

Sometimes Dead is Better – a matte, taupey greige that is great on my skin tone for transition or blending out harsh lines, in general.

Soil of a Man’s Heart – a beautifully vivid pink-leaning salmon color with a violet shimmer.

Resurrection Sinister Sprite Lip Shimmer – I wasn’t sure, at first, that this shade would pair well with the rest of the colors, but I really like it, as it takes on a sort of bruised-flesh quality with a heavier application. This is my first lip shimmer, and I totally see what the fuss is about. The comfort and color are excellent.

The VC was switched up a bit this month, and thanks to customer input, was curated so that the colors go together to form a look. It came with suggestions on how and where to use each color, which is always helpful to a n00b like me. I used this guide for the look I did, but added Each Buries His Own as liner, simply because I wanted to tone it down and make it a little more grave-worthy, given the theme. 🙂 My blush is NM’s Skin, because I seem to reach for it daily. I also used Wanna Play With You as a highlighter, you know, ’cause I’m extra. I really like it; it’s very similar to I Burn, I Pine, I Perish, but is more subtle (think more white base and slightly less shimmer).

The lovely Carrie (Carrie! *giggles*) will look for further feedback on whether this month’s format is something customers prefer. I think I lean more toward a mishmash of colors, simply because I like the challenge of trying to create a look using colors that don’t necessarily go together. This Vanishing Cabinet is a total win for me, though, simply because there are so many looks I can do with it, and my next look will be a lot brighter, because do you SEE Soil of a Man’s Heart? You already know it’s on and poppin’!

I’m part of the NM Facebook group, Notoriously Morbid’s Customer Crypt, and we’re often asked to vote on things like colors and packaging. The Crypt (you know I was drawn to the name, right?) is one of my favorite groups, and provides an incredibly welcoming environment, regardless of skill level. The ladies there are so kind and helpful, so if you’d like to see looks, tips, or know when the next release is, feel free to join us. Be warned, though…you will see some amazing work. Be prepared to have a wishlist a mile long! You can check out Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics here.

Are you a Stephen King fan? What did you think of the VC tribute?

Thank you for stopping by, constant reader. 😉

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