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Hello, all!

I thought I’d share a fun addition to my small but growing makeup stash. I recently got to try the Ucanbe Cream Contour Kit. It comes in light, medium, and deep. I chose the deep option, and am happy with the results, so far. 

ucanbe ucanbe1


As I’ve mentioned previously, I only recently started wearing makeup again, and I’d attempted contouring and highlighting before, but it’s still quite new to me, as you’ll see shortly. I’ve got several kits, and even with my limited experience, this is one of my favorites, for the color palette as well as its consistency. Some of the colors are a bit warm for my cool-toned skin, but it’s a nice range, overall. These aren’t the thickest contouring creams I have, but they can easily be worked up to full coverage, so they can be used with the majority of my foundations. 

ucanbe3 ucanbe4

Overall, I like the lightweight feel. I do wish the darkest color was a little thicker or darker, just for a more dramatic look, when appropriate, but for everyday looks, I’m pretty happy with the set. For additional drama, I just apply another layer or two of the darkest cream. If you’d like to check out the set, you can find it here. 



Do you contour? If you’ve got tips or tricks, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading!

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