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I stopped in to share my thoughts on a recent Wake The Dead Scrubs order and show you what I picked up! I got the cute little teddy bear wax melts, makeup primer sample, and the Acne Control Bundle Pack. Shannon was also kind enough to include one of her espresso wax shots as a gift. This post is a bit long, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in! 🙂

I’ll start with the wax. The espresso shot smells really nice, and had a pure, fresh coffee aroma. I did end up moving it to another, smaller room. Its throw wasn’t quite far enough to fragrance the larger area of my combined living/dining rooms. It did a fantastic job in the bedroom, where I ended up moving it, though. I got about 5 hours of warming, in total, before the fragrance fizzled.

I also got the wax melt teddies, which are the size and shape of gummy bears! There’s a huge assortment of fragrances to choose from, and I got mine in sandalwood. They were stronger than the espresso melt was, and I melted them either two at a time in two rooms, or three at a time in just one warmer. The fragrance in these lasted about 7 hours total, and covered the wider area of the combined rooms easily.

I picked up a sample size of Wake The Dead’s primer, even though I have a bit of a sensitivity to silicone. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t break me out. My makeup goes on really smoothly over it, and I use very little. I use this and achieve a really nice finish, and I’ll be getting a full size.

What I was most excited about (and most in need of) was the Acne Control Bundle. For reference, my skin issues are combination/dry skin, eczema, and enlarged pores. The bundle conveniently came with a few disposable plastic spatulas, which was very thoughtful. It contains four products, each in the 2.5 ounce size:

Cooling Acne Control Clay Mask

Like any clay mask, this one can be drying, so Shannon recommends using it only 2-3 times a week. It should be left on fifteen minutes before rinsing, and of the masks I got, this is the one I grab when I need a somewhat intensive treatment. The tea tree oil often makes my eyes water, but doesn’t sting my skin. I like using this mask on the weekend after a long week of playing in makeup.

Coffee Tea Tree Acne Defense Mask

This mask contains coffee and brown sugar, and provides a gentle scrub. I’m not a huge fan of the smell of tea tree oil, but the coffee makes this mask smell amazing! I love this scrub as part of my morning ritual because of its fresh and invigorating scent. It does a great job of exfoliating, and it starts taking care of any breakouts within hours.

Green Tea and Tea Tree Acne Control Mask

This is a five-minute mask that’s also more of a scrub. It’s even more gentle than the coffee tea tree, and is probably my favorite. It can be eye-watering, too, but, again, doesn’t sting or burn my face. It contains finely ground walnut shell powder and jojoba beads as the scrubbing agents. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after I use it.

Zombie Antidote Hydro-gel Facial Moisturizer

This ish is magic. It does a great job of moisturizing…even on my dry patches! Even better, it does it without clogging my pores, so I never wake up with new pimples. It doesn’t make my foundation hard to blend, nor does it turn to a greasy mess beneath it. It is quickly absorbed and doesn’t just sit on top of my skin. It generally keeps my skin moisturized all day, but I am noticing that as the weather gets cooler, the moisture dissipates a little more quickly. To combat that, for winter, I’ll add a drop or two of an oil, especially on days I head out into those below-zero temperatures.

So, if you’d prefer a mask, I’d go with the cooling clay mask. This one is best for me when my acne flares up and I need something powerful. The other two, I’d consider more scrubs than masks, though I do leave them both on a few minutes before scrubbing to get the full benefit of the tea tree oil. My favorites are the two scrubs, with the green tea and tea tree being my possible holy grail. I tend to go ham on the exfoliation, and often scrub so vigorously I’m left with scratches on my face. Terrible, but true. I go just as nuts with these scrubs, and they don’t scratch at all, nor do they leave my skin tender like my other scrubs and brushes do. Zombie Antidote is an amazing moisturizer, and I’ll continue to wear it throughout winter, either adding additional oil or adding oil over it as a barrier to seal it in. The primer is also a definite repurchase, and I’m absolutely getting the big one. I also plan to get more wax melts, and there are at least a dozen other scents I’d like to try. I’m most impressed with the skincare products, though, and will be buying my daughter her own, because she loves it, and we’ll be getting a full regimen together for her.

As proof that these products have worked wonders for me, here are a couple looks I did wearing no foundation whatsoever. None! I simply used WTD primer, concealer, and powder. To me, that’s amazing. I’m currently in the midst of a panning project, so I’m mixing in other products I’m trying to get rid of, but when some of them break me out, I reach every time for a Wake The Dead Scrubs remedy, and the reaction always goes away. I’m super-determined to get rid of the old products so I can use these more exclusively. You can follow my panning progress on Instagram. I am so excited to find products that actually work for my troubled skin, and these are now part of my regular rotation. You can check out Wake The Dead Scrubs here. Follow on Instagram for sales and new release info here.

Have you tried any products from Wake The Dead? Was there anything you’d consider trying?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Very nice text sister . I never used a mask. I just wash my face and moisturize it. When my treatments finish I’ll start to take care of my skin. You inspire me a lot! Thank you for your wonderful rewius.I love you

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